7 Ways to Love Your Website

love your website   1. Regular Care

Your website needs regular nurture. Don’t keep putting off your website issues. When did you last update any information? How about adding News or a Blog and updating it regularly. Consider upgrading to a content management system (CMS)

love your website   2. Make it feel Special

Is your website looking tired and neglected? Give it a new facelift, take a fresh look at the design and feel. Are the images the best quality? Most visitors to your website will decide within 8 seconds whether your site is worth exploring. Is yours engaging and compelling?

love your website   3. A website is for life not just for Valentines

Your website should be seen as a journey. Put a monthly repeating entry in your calendar to care for your website. Make sure you create SMART actions. S – Specific (Describe it very clearly) M – Measurable (How will you know when you have achieved it) A – Achievable (Bite sized action you can definitely do) R – Realistic (Avoid expensive or things outside your expertise) T – Timed (set a date to complete it)

love your website   4. Get back to basics

Your website is an important element of your marketing. Ask yourself – Who is your Dream Client? What do they love? What would they expect on your website? What tips or hints would they find truly useful? Can they easily find this on your website? Is it really simple to send you an inquiry? Does it have a Unique Selling Proposition and Call to Action?

love your website   5. Share the love

Use Social Bookmarking to allow visitors to your website to share articles with their contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. You should also make the effort to regularly share links to articles on your website with your Social Networking contacts.

love your website   6. Make sure Google loves your website

So your website is a loved and beautiful presentation to your Dream Client but… is your website found in Google? Is it Search Engine Friendly? If Google loves your website so could thousands of potential new dream clients! Learn more about our SEO plans.

love your website   7. Let Creative Click Media love your website!

Would you like your website to be cared for by people are passionate about websites and love to give them a fresh new engaging look? Would you like this company to regularly suggest ways your website might create you more quality inquiries… from your dream customers? Why not ask Creative Click Media? We offer effective online marketing solutions for almost every budget.

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Keyword-cruncher, customer-collector and web designer extraordinaire. Adam is the Founder of Creative Click Media. If he's not in front of the computer marketing your business, he's playing with his son, Miles. Tweet him at @AdamBinder_

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