Answers to 5 Common SEO Questions

On client calls and in meetings, several SEO questions seem to come up over and over again. So, in order to provide you with a go-to resource, we’ve pulled these questions together  into a single post. Have more questions? Contact us by phone or fill out the form here for a free SEO consultation.

I have Duplicate Content on Two Different URLs – Will my Website be Penalized?

This is a very common SEO problem, and search engines may or may not know that the pages are in fact one in the same. Either way, it can be problematic. Search engines rely on the information they receive. If you aren’t providing the correct information about separate but identical pages, search engines may not return your content as you expect. Search engines have no way to automatically understand that you intend to treat two identical pages equally, or that you wish to favor one page over the other. It’s up to you to decide which page you want the search engines to rank, and point the secondary URL to the main URL. This technique is known as Canonicalization.

I’m Reusing Content on My Other Website. Does that Count As Duplicate Content?

The short answer is, yes. Any content that you want to target for placement in search results should be unique. It is OK to re-purpose, or we-write some of your content for use on other sites though. This is because search engines may not understand which is the most relevant or useful version.

What’s the ideal Keyword Density to implement when Optimizing a Website?

This is a tough one of the tougher SEO questions. Generally speaking, you should ensure that every webpage on your site has a specific purpose which can be summarized by a specific keyphrase. This keyphrase should then be included within all of the important elements of your page such as the Title tag, description meta tag, and headline or H1 element. It is therefore less important to focus on a specific keyword density number and more important to focus on each page’s purpose and how well that page answers the searcher’s questions.

How Should Redirects be Handled?

While there are some pretty basic rules about implementing redirects, there is also an art for knowing how to handle them. When taking down old pages, or reorganizing your site, you should 301 redirect any page for which there is a 1-to-1 match, or when the new page addresses the same theme or idea as the old page. Otherwise, you will want to “kill” the page with a 404 “page not found” error response. There are other types of redirects and use cases where the “art” comes into play, however these decisions should be made with knowledgeable guidance.

How Does My Mobile Site Affect the SEO of my Main Site?

This is a hot topic for many website owners these days. How you handle a mobile version of your website can have varying degrees of effect on your SEO.

First, it will have a direct impact on your mobile SEO. Users who are searching on mobile devices may have different goals than the users who are searching from a desktop computer or laptop. They also may search with different keywords. This can vary for users on tablets or other devices too. To add another layer, search engines will often display different results for users on mobile devices than they will for users on desktop computers or laptops. We recommend that you implement  a responsive website instead of building two separate sites. A good responsive site will save you money because you wont require an entirely separate mobile site. More importantly, responsive websites have shown to fare better that mobile sites in search results.

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