Creative Click Media featured in Elegant Themes Blog

An article of mine was featured recently in the guest blog on the Elegant Themes website as part of their Customer Spotlight series. Elegant Themes is a top-tier designer of professionally crafted WordPress themes, including the Divi 2.0 theme which I use heavily in my design work.

In the article, I discussed my parallel journeys of becoming a father and a web developer. I talk about starting my ‘dad’-centric blog,, and how it was the genesis of my web development career. While the blog was never meant to be a commercial venture, merely a digital scrap-book of sorts for my family, it did show just how powerful and versatile WordPress was and opened my eyes to the commercial viability of building professional sites with it. I also talk about starting my web design business Creative Click Media and how I applied the lessons of fatherhood to my design work.

creative click media is made with divi by elegant themes

To read more about my journey as a father and a web designer, and to learn how I turned 3am feedings into 3am productivity sessions, visit Elegant Themes Blog here. And while your there, check out their themes and see if you can inspire your own journey of growth and fulfillment.


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Keyword-cruncher, customer-collector and web designer extraordinaire. Adam is the Founder of Creative Click Media. If he's not in front of the computer marketing your business, he's playing with his son, Miles. Tweet him at @AdamBinder_

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