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The way people shop online is changing, and more than half of Americans say branded videos impact their purchase decisions. Creative Click Media’s fully-integrated video marketing services fuel your web presence with premium, interactive content designed to engage and influence your unique audiences.

We apply our proven content marketing expertise to the burgeoning video channel, giving you customized video content for maximum SEO visibility, social reach and viewer conversions.

Expert videos teams for professional content

Creative Click Media powers your video marketing with a full team of experts. Our video content strategists, production managers, script writers, designers and screen talent collaborate to give you professional-quality videos. Creative Click Media’s in-house creation process ensures your videos amplify brand identity, online reputation and expertise through actionable content.

Strategic videos to drive results

You and your video strategist craft a video brief outlining your annual campaign. Our diverse video menu empowers your brand to speak to unique audiences and goals through:

Dedicated strategists for cross-web promotion

How effective can your videos be if no one sees them? Brafton publishes your video content on your website via our proprietary CDN. Our video strategists offer SEO consultancy to make sure clips and accompanying transcripts draw relevant search traffic to your site.
For added brand exposure, our social strategists use best-in-class techniques to manage your YouTube Channel and distribute videos across leading social networks. They’ll foster viewer conversations and field interactions to strengthen meaningful audience engagement and funnel social traffic to your site.

Video reporting for consistent ROI

Video marketing strategists actively monitor your video content performance, tracking which clips drive the most views and transactions. Your video brief and overall strategy are updated accordingly.
Our team puts your results in the driver’s seat to create videos that steer audiences toward conversion.

The Importance of Online Video Marketing

With all of the information that the media is throwing at us everyday brands need a way to break through the clutter. It’s hard to grab someones attention with a huge block of text, and even when you capture your reader with creative rhetoric their mind will only retain 20% of what you read. People who are browsing the web and visiting your website want to be spoon fed information and having a video that they can just click on and watch is the perfect way to get your message through to them.
Online video marketing is a great way to capture someones attention and retain their interest, all while all while articulating the image of your brand. Before people trust your product or service they are going to have to trust you as a brand. Publishing online video advertisements are a great way to show people that you have a message worth listening to and a service that people can trust. Different ways you can gain a potential client or customers trust through video marketing are video testimonials form past satisfied customers, personal testimonials from the business owners or staff members, and even a visual demonstration of your product or service.
Utilizing online video marketing is a great way to generate leads and increase your reach and with modern advances it is a feasible option for even the newest of startups.

If you have any questions about how we can held you spread the word about your brand using online video marketing email us at

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We apply our proven content marketing expertise to the burgeoning video channel, giving you customized video content for maximum SEO visibility, social reach and viewer conversions.

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