5 Ways to Achieve Your Content Marketing Goals

As content marketing becomes more and more important, businesses are spending increasing levels of resources to achieve their content marketing goals. To business owners, the amount of choices they have when it comes to content marketing can be daunting. Some of the popular methods of content marketing are case studies, blogs, video, newsletters, whitepapers and  eBooks just to name a few. What is a business owner to do?

The main reason we see content plans fail is because goals are not clearly defined. It is crucial that you ask yourself  “What am I trying to accomplish?”  Do you want to generate new leads for your service based business or do you want to create a buzz around a new product?

What are the most successful content marketing goals?


1. Educate, Help, and Inform

Marketers have earned a bad reputation over the past few years. Email spamming and cold calls only serve to frustrate busy business owners which is why they hesitate to give up their contact info when leaving blog comments or by accepting a free gift; they don’t want the non-stop pestering that can come with it.

Marketers can overcome that reluctance by giving customers something they truly want or need. People will gladly trade their email address in exchange for expert advice about solving their problems.

successful content marketing goals2. Build A Community
Community can be more important when you’re marketing to a business than when you’re trying to reach a consumer. With a business, you’re asking leaders to make a decision that will affect their bottom line. Build that trust by building a community.

Facebook and Twitter are often the first thing that comes to mind when they talk about building a community around a product or a brand but there are many other ways to engage your customers.

Blogging allows you to relax your presentation. Use your blog to announce new products, educate potential customers or address their concerns. By reading comments and answering them in a meaningful way you can build a loyal following.

3. Demonstrate Your Expertise
Anyone can write an article and host it on their own website without any editorial review. But if you write articles for another site, it establishes credibility, builds authority in your niche,and builds trust in your business. It demonstrates that industry leaders trust what you have to say.

4. Make Friends with Search Engines
Much of the power of social media is in communicating with people you already know. But just as going to a party and talking only to your friends isn’t a good way to network, failing to reach out to new businesses is a lost opportunity.

That’s why you still need the search engines and why you need them to keep coming back to your site. You do that by regularly and consistently giving them something new and awesome to index.

Fresh content also helps you with people you already know. They’ll keep coming to your site to read the latest, and they’ll stay there longer because your content is outstanding.

5. Stay In Touch With Your Customers
A weekly or monthly newsletter helps bring people back to your website and improves sales because it keeps your business top-of-mind. People are reminded about you every time the email hits their inbox. But, be careful! Don’t just throw a few teasers into an email and send it. People can get that content by visiting your blog.

Instead, give customers something they can’t get anywhere else and supplement that with links to other content you have worked hard to create. Special offers and discounts are popular email content as well, and they keep people subscribed to your list. An eNewsletter also is an effective way to announce a new product or service.

You can’t jump into content marketing without solid planning. Brainstorm regularly with your team or your partners and establish quantifiable goals. Determine an acceptable timeframe for reaching those goals. Gather data and evaluate regularly. If something works, keep doing it. If something isn’t working, accept that and move on.

Once you figure out what works, get better at it. Keep these goals in mind, and your content strategy will yield the positive return on investment you desire.

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