6 Tips to Help You Choose the Correct Website Proposal

Business in New Jersey (NJ) is booming, and all types of business, small and large, are taking steps to boost their marketing strategies. This often starts with the most important aspect of your marketing strategy – your website.

There are many applications out there that will allow you to build your business website for free, even if you have very little design experience. These websites are good for simplicity, but can cause problems when a business grows and there becomes a greater need for customization.

So, you’ve decided to have someone else build your website for you – an Internet marketing or web design agency.

As a local NJ business owner, you want to find an internet marketing or web design agency that’s close to home, as it creates a better situation for in-person meetings and an intimate business relationship.

There are loads of NJ agencies to choose from, all with different expertise. So when you’re receiving different website proposals, how do you know which agency is the best to hire? Below are six of the best tips out there for choosing the correct web design proposal and the best web design agency to match your business needs.


Your Website: What Will You Walk Away With?

Be very clear on the exact product that you want to receive at the end of your business relationship. This is for your safety, as well as that of the agency.

In addition, clarity about your needs will help move the process along faster. If you are vague in the type of product you hope to walk away with, there will be more trial and error in the web design process, possibly costing you more hours than for which you originally budgeted.

Experience: Are They Established or are they Green?

It’s important to note that more experience does not mean more talent, but it does mean more experience working with clients in general. On the other hand, there are many green freelancers and new agencies out there who will build you a website, but they may not be as accessible as an established agency.

The scope of your website project as well as the time constraints will help you choose the type of agency you find best to work with. Depending on your budget and your flexibility, keep this in mind when selecting your NJ web design agency.

References: Are Their Previous Clients Raving About Them?

If you’re unsure of how whether or not you should go with a certain agency, consider talking to their previous clients. No one will be more honest about the agency’s work style and quality.

On top of being honest about their agency experience, you will gain a better understanding of the type of clients the agency has previously worked with and whether or not they are fluent in your industry and your business needs.

Project Scope: How Do They Handle Changes?

Sometimes, you start a project and don’t anticipate certain challenges beforehand. This can lead to a many more hours spent on the project than you had originally budgeted for. When this happens, how will the company handle the situation?

Money: How Much Will It Cost?

It goes without saying that cost will be a large part of your decision-making process when selecting the correct website proposal. Try not to sacrifice too much quality for cost. While you will obviously want to stay within your budget, this doesn’t mean you should walk away with a insufficient product.

Making the Payments: When Are You Supposed to Pay?

Make sure you hammer out this detail in the beginning of your negotiations. Make payments on time in order to move the process along smoothly.

The basic message is to be sure the agency or website professional you are considering working with will understand your needs, as well as your expectations.

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