Your Guide to the Best Social Media Platform for Your B2B Business

Many view social media as an avenue to quick traffic to their website, or an easy way to get new customers through an online funnel. This is simply not the case. Social media is another marketing channel that takes a strong strategy, time commitment and basic marketing principles to be successful.

Even knowing all of these things, many who do social media marketing for their businesses fail, and it’s not because they didn’t plan accordingly. For more information about how you can implement the correct social media platforms and grow your business, contact a leading digital marketing agency.

In order to be successful on social media, you have to be speaking to the right audience – this means you have to be using the right platform.

Every social media platform isn’t right for every business. For example, a law office will not have the same type of success with a Facebook page that bakery would. This is because Facebook is a visual, personal and relaxed social media platform. As a general rule of thumb, people are not looking to conduct business on Facebook, but the general consumer is very much present.


Keep in mind your target clientele when choosing which social platforms to invest your time in for the purposes of business. Business-to-business (B2B) businesses should be focuses on different social platforms than business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses.

If you’re unsure about what platforms would best fit your business, follow this guide below.

If you’re targeting professionals, stick with professional platforms

For the most part, B2B buyers are looking for services and products during the work week. B2B companies and services are targeting other professionals and business owners, and need to keep in mind not only when their target customer is going to buy their product, but where they might be looking.


It’s no secret that LinkedIn is the number one social media site for professionals – and it should therefore be a main target for B2B services and products.

Most every participant on the LinkedIn platform is there to interact with content regarding their careers and their business. This is the perfect mindset for potential target customers that may be looking to implement new technology for their businesses, hire a lawyer or even a recruiting service to name a few.

Google Plus

I know, you’ve heard that Google Plus is a ghost town. I’ve heard it too, and I also know that there isn’t really any evidence to support this claim. What I do know is that there are two very active and very good reasons to get your business on Google Plus – it has a ton of vibrant and active communities, and it’s supportive of a strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for your website.

The communities on Google Plus are targeted towards specific topics or groups of professionals, making them a fantastic place to interact with potential professionals, businesses and enterprises on the web. In addition, Google Plus posts get catalogued in the Google search engine, providing more visibility for your business and brand.


The most dynamic of the social media platforms, Twitter is really useful for everyone. However, it shouldn’t be ignored by the B2B service or product. People are on twitter to do two things – consume content and talk to each other.

One of the most active ways that Twitter users interact with a Tweet is by clicking on Twitter links. With the use of correct hashtags, you can start a conversation with your target audience, and at the same time, drive more web traffic to your website.

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