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In May of this year, we published a few blogs describing what an explainer video is and how it can help promote your brand or organization. In these blogs, we informed readers of how explainer videos can be used to tell a company’s story or utilized as a sales tool. We showed how explainer videos can increase conversion rates while lowering bounce rates and generate traction on social media by encouraging sharing. But we touched only briefly on what is one of the most important benefits of explainer videos; improved SEO rankings.

For companies in difficult and highly populated niches, such as law or medicine, it can be difficult to get their websites to rank for certain keywords on both regional and national levels. Their fields are simply too packed, the sheer number of competitor websites too numerous. Video offers a fantastic advantage to these practices by affording an alternative and oft overlooked method of boosting their SEO.

Higher Google Ranking

Embedding videos on your website improves the preference that Google gives your site in search results. Imagine two websites, both with identical coding, copy, images, etc. Now imagine one of these site has an explainer video posted on it’s main page, while the other has none at all. The site with the video will be placed above the one without in a Google search result. Hosting a video on your website gives your site an automatic leg up on those who do not. In fact according to, video content appears in 70% of the top 100 search result listings.

Increase Traffic with Inbound Links

Explainer videos often redirect web traffic to the owner’s site via inbound links. Not only is this good for the overall traffic to a site, but it also further boosts the site’s search engine ranking. Links, or the number of pathways to a site, are a large consideration for the ranking algorithms of most search engines. The more links a site has directing visitors to it, the higher ranking a search engine will give it.

Explainer Videos Engage

And lets us not forget one the greatest benefits of video; people like it. The majority of web browsers prefer video messages to written copy. Catering to the preferences of your visitors will leave them with a better impression of your company or organization, and increase the likelihood that they will share your online content with friends and family. It can even inspire them to leave positive reviews of your site online which further enhances a site’s SEO.

Practicing What We Preach

For an example of what a professionally designed explainer video looks like, check out this explainer video we created for our sister company, Grow My Practice Online!

Get Video, Get SEO’d

Over the past few years, the nature and utilization of online video has changed drastically. What was once simply an engaging sales channel has become a crucial aspect of a company or organization’s web presence. A company without video content looks, at this point, almost as out-of-date and out-of-touch as a company without a website. While it is hard to predict the future of explainer videos and digital video marketing, it is easy to read the writing on the wall. And it says…

“Get with the program, ”

-Love, video

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