Sixteen for ’16 – Top Marketing Professionals Share New Years Resolutions for Business


Welcome to 2016! The benefits of the new year always bring excitement to new strategies. Now you have a full year of data to analyze to ensure a better and brighter new year for your company. My team and I have spent the last few weeks deciding what would be our main focus in 2016. We decided on two main goals:

Over the past year our company has more than doubled in size leaving us a few obstacles to face in 2016. Fortunately, we’ve built a team that loves a good challenge. In the coming year, our team plans to place more effort on internal collaborations in order to better streamline projects and build stronger campaigns. A growing business is a great problem to have but it has left us with very little time to spare. By building a stronger foundation within the team, we will save time while producing consistent work.

We also want to do more. We want to be more involved in our community, attend more events and make more connections. In 2016, we plan to launch a number of new programs and initiatives to help us do this. Being involved with our community is a passion shared throughout all of our team members so we’re excited to get started.

We know we’re looking forward to the new year and we wanted to hear from other businesses. With digital marketing always growing and changing, we know there are many new and exciting things in store for 2016. We received 16 well-thought out business marketing new year’s resolutions from top talent across the nation.

Making Every Move Count

Usually around this time of year there is a lot of talk about what’s going to be the “big thing” in 2016. From the information we gathered, it looks like long-term planning and strong campaigns are going to be a focus in 2016. Digital Marketing is no longer the new kid on the block. Businesses and marketers see the benefits and realize the strength of well-built campaigns.

social media marketing nj

Make a Plan and Keep It

In 2016, our goal is to plan, plan, plan. A lot of what we do in our marketing efforts can be spontaneous and last-minute, but our marketing team recently started using a project management system that will allow for a lot more strategic planning for the future. This will allow for higher quality, less stress, and better ROI all-around.

Melissa Pont, Social Media Manager,


Do Everything with a Purpose

Everything I do, every piece of content I create, every project I start will have a very clear, very specific purpose. That purpose will directly contribute to the achievement of the marketing goal whether it’s direct response, relationship-building, or SEO for example. And, I will have a way to measure success for each activity before I begin.

Beth Bridges, Vice President of Digital Identity, J – I.T. Outsource


Be Strategic with Your Budget

Our 2016 budget will focus on marketing that can show us results. This means that a lot of our efforts are going to be shifted into the digital realm where we can attach hard numbers to results.  We’ve been successful so far, now we’re going to double down on our current campaigns. This funding is coming from the slashed budgets of offline advertising.

Conor Keenan, Digital Marketing Manager, The Law Firm of Keenan and Austin


Become a Master of Strategy

Marketing has to have more of a purpose. For example, if we’re running an outbound sales campaign through email, we want to do the following: Test if the channel can be successful (1). Measure the ROI of that channel (2). Provide a case study for our audience (3). Learn about where our product (and outreach software) can be improved (4). So, in the past we would have slapped together a campaign and sent out some emails, but now we work on coming up with a refined, scalable process and measuring the results.

David Schneider, CEO, NinjaOutreach

Increasing the Numbers

Numbers have always been and will always be important in marketing. This year is no different and companies are looking to their data for the New Year.


Test the User Experience

For 2016, our business marketing goals are focused around testing and refining how potential customers interact with our brand online with an overall goal of increasing our website conversion rate by 10%. With increased competition, businesses large and small can no longer afford to “wing it” in hopes that a new marketing idea or website design change is actually improving the bottom line. With this in mind, 2016 will be our year of implementing a sustained testing program for the marketing efforts of our business.

Jeremy Schaedler, President, Schaedler Insurance Agency


Invest in What Works

Part of our 2016 resolution is to increase our startups email list to over 25,000 subscribers. We’ve hired great writers who’ll be creating large guides, checklists, infographics and several eBooks to help us achieve this goal. We’ve also hired someone to really help us utilize both Infusionsoft and LeadPages (2 great tools) to help assure we’re maximizing our opportunities.

Mike Mawula, CEO, Social Quant

Shifting Focus

Data excels at two things: letting you know what’s working and what isn’t. Look a little deeper and you’ll find exactly how to go from good to great.


Be Attentive

Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. This year I am making a resolution to have our team answer every single non spam comment made on all of our social media profiles. This will be a large under taking but it is part of my bigger resolution to create a deeper connection with our customers as well as increase brand loyalty. We decided this was one of the most significant things that we could do as a company that will cost us only the investment of time.

Candice Galek, Owner, Bikini Luxe

Kuda’s Clothing_1467

Find Your Audience

Our 2016 New Year’s resolutions are all data driven. One resolution is to increase our focus to mobile/tablet device users. After reviewing our Google Analytics data, we learned that 55% of the site revenue was being generated by 25% of site users who were visiting the site on mobile/tablet devices. Today, all of our retargeting marketing campaigns are to desktop users and this will change in 2016.

Kuda Biza, Co-Founder and CEO, AFR Clothing


Redefine the Rules of Engagement

In 2016, we will really work on audience engagement. At this point, it is imperative to engage the consumer not only via social media platforms but also in terms of content. Content is king and I have not been creating content for the site at the rate of speed at which we need, so this New Year we will focus more on our FAQ pages and our blog. I get a lot of personal calls and emails from my customers and I want to engage them more on a personal level. I am going to focus on really tailoring my content strategies to not only engage my current clientele but also new consumers.

Nicola Ford, CEO, HAUTEheadquarters


Practice What You Preach

My New Years Resolution is simple, market me. I work so hard for my clients all the time that I forget to take time to blog and take care of my business. The easiest way to not grow is to not push yourself and not put yourself out there for more work, and that is exactly what I did, so time to get back out there!

Cheryl Rios, Managing Partner, CR Creative Group

Try Something New

As they say, new year, new you! The new year always brings an excuse to try something you haven’t done before. Video? Blogging? Social? Try it all in 2016!


Explore New Outlets

Our marketing business resolutions are to start podcasting and host free webinars. Our goal for podcasting is to nurture new business development leads, while benefiting many other organizations who we wouldn’t be able to accommodate in consulting engagements. Our webinars will benefit our client on a regular basis.Instead of looking at webinars as a sales tool, we can produce topical presentations that help clients now and invite their team members to participate. It can be a big win-win activity.

Kenny Jahng, Founder and President, Big Click Syndicate LLC


Make Connections That Matter

In 2016, I will focus on guest blogging. Making connections through blogging is something that cannot be matched by any other digital platform. We will focus on guest blogging in both directions; asking influencers to blog for us and finding opportunities for our team to guest blog on other sites. Through this we will meet new audiences, make new connections and grow our thought-leadership authority.

Amanda Erdmann, Digital Project Manager, Creative Click Media

Look Within

Numbers, analytics and data are all great in marketing but you don’t always need them. As marketers, we have extensive knowledge of our industry. Sometimes, we know exactly how to make something better.

ajay prasad

Use the Past to Plan the Future

A resolution of mine from a strictly managing perspective is to focus on a more vertical form of client selection, rather than horizontal. To this day, my clients have varied greatly regarding the type of industry that they do business within. I think 2016 is the perfect time to analyze how effective my marketing strategies have been in each industry, and select clients based on that analysis. I have learned what businesses digital marketing excels in, so it’s time to put that knowledge to good use.

Ajay Prasad, Founder and President, GMR Transcription


Learn As Much As Possible

I resolve to think even more profoundly about issues so that I can articulate my concerns and insights as I continue to position myself stronger as a thought leader in my industry working with clients I truly believe in. I enjoy working collaboratively so I need to immerse myself in teams I enjoy. I will push myself to participate in more webinars and seminars so I can continue my professional development since content marketing, digital marketing and social media change and evolve so rapidly.

Leora Lanz, President, LHL Communications


Strive for Transparency

By developing and sharing performance dashboards throughout the organization, the team will have visibility into the strengths, weaknesses and results of our efforts over time. This will allow us to understand the company goals, and how our efforts directly contribute.

Wes Wilkins, Marketing Director, XTBills


Be Fearless

I will fail more. Too often, marketers rely on proven techniques. In 2016, I will test more strategies, and find new successes and failures as a result.

Charlie Cohn, Head of Marketing, StudySoup

Got a new year’s resolution you want to share with us? Feel free to leave a comment. If you’re looking for the right partner to make your marketing resolution come true, give us a call for a quick chat, we’d love to hear from you! Finally, as our new year gift to you, download our free 2016 Marketing Calendar. It has all the events and important dates you’ll need to know for 2016 – and it’s pretty cool looking too! Happy New Year!

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    Nicola Ford

    Thank you Creative Click Media for including Nicola Ford and in your article! Happy New Year!

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      Adam Binder

      Hey Nicola,

      Thanks for sharing your new years resolution with us. Beefing up your FAQ section is definitely a good idea to improve your SEO, and decrease the amount of time you and your staff spend answering redundant questions.

      Happy New year to you as well!


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    Cheryl Rios

    Thank you for including me! Have a happy new year!

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      Hi Cheryl,

      Thanks for Participating. BTW, I love the design of your website 🙂

      Best of luck in the New Year!


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    Wes Wilkins

    Thanks for the inclusion this article, and thanks to all of the marketing folks for their awesome contributions! Happy New Year all, and good luck sticking with your resolutions!

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      Hi Wes,
      Thanks for contributing. I’d love to learn more of the specifics about the dashboards you plan to use. Feel free to share!


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    Michael Kawula

    Thanks for including our resolution for 2016. Hope all is well there in Toms River NJ. Moved from West Creek / LBI last year to Tampa (couldn’t take the cold anymore but do miss the summer) Thanks again and Happy New Year ~ Mike

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      Adam Binder

      Hi Mike,

      We have similar goals for 2016 and are also expanding our team to achieve them. Best of luck in the new year!


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    Thank you for including me in this article. I loved everyone’s resolutions! Have a Happy New Year!

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