Why Facebook Live Video Could be the Update Your Business Needs

Olivia Garrison

Prepare to add broadcaster to your resume, business owners, because Live Video has officially taken over Facebook.  By now, you might have noticed an influx of videos appearing on your timeline or notifications whenever one of your friends or subscribers is live streaming.  For businesses who have considered dabbling in live streaming in the past, this is the perfect time to start taking advantage of Facebook’s newest top-priority feature.  Here, we will cover Facebook Live Video 101 and show you just how easy it is to integrate live streaming into your company’s social media marketing strategy.

The Basics

Some Facebook users might be saying “hey, this isn’t new!”  True, Facebook Live Video is not completely new – it was beta tested with public figures last summer and expanded to iOS users in December.  This update is notable, however, because for the first time Live Video is available for all Facebook users.  Additionally, modifications in Facebook’s sorting algorithm are treating Live Video as a new form of media.  While pre-recorded videos are filtered into news feeds as they are posted, Facebook Live Video goes directly to the top of your subscriber’s news feed for the duration it is streaming.  It is then saved to your Facebook profile and available to be accessed even while you are offline.

Why this is Great for Businesses

According to Facebook’s newsroom analysts, Facebook users spend as much as 3x more time watching live videos and comment more than 10x more than they do on pre-recorded videos.

The Live Video format encourages engagement with your audience.  Rather than speaking with clients individually, you can converse with many people at one time in order to address any questions or comments they might have.

facebook live video

Live Video is not exclusive to your subscribers.  If you are streaming a video that might interest one of your subscriber’s friends, they are able to invite them to join your broadcast.  This is a great way to build your audience, introduce new people to your company, and hopefully convert them to customers.

Facebook’s sorting algorithm will help to increase your viewership.  Of course, you want your company to be seen by as many eyes as possible.  Being at the top of your subscriber’s news feed will surely help to boost your visibility.

How your Business can Use Facebook Live Video

Offer a Backstage Pass: People are innately drawn to companies they can relate to.  Giving your subscribers a peek into a typical day at the office will humanize your business and let your customers get to know the employees they correspond with daily.

Present to a Group: Looking to host a webinar or give a presentation for a specific group of clients or colleagues?  You can create a Facebook group and stream your Live Video to these people only.  For companies with professional networks all over the world, this is a great way to teach and foster these relationships from any location.

Hold a Q&A Session: Let’s say your company unrolls a new product or announces an upcoming project.  Instead of fielding individual questions, holding a Q&A session is an extremely effective way of addressing a multitude of comments or concerns in one place in real time.

Stream Special Events: Is one of your team members being honored with an award?  Are you speaking at a popular business convention?  Take your subscribers along with you!  People love being included in something unique and exciting, so streaming company outings will let them join in on the action.

Interview a Client: This serves as a win-win situation for you both!  Giving your subscribers the opportunity to get to know a notable or interesting client you’ve worked with provides double the benefits.  Your subscribers will be exposed to your client’s business, and your clients subscribers will be driven to your business’s Facebook page.

Facebook Live Video Tips:

Be Mindful of your Audience: If you are targeting other business owners, you probably should not host every live stream during regular business hours.  If your target audience is in another time zone, take note of when they might still be sleeping.  This might take a few test rounds to figure out which streaming times work best for your company and your audience.

Stream from a Good Connection: You do not want your subscribers to miss out on useful content because your Live Video has a fuzzy image or crackling audio.  Be sure that the location you are in has a strong, reliable WiFi connection before you start streaming.


Invest in a Webcam: This should go without saying, but some companies are still streaming Live Video without an actual webcam.  If your subscribers are seeking out your videos, they are looking to see what you are presenting rather than just hear you talk about it.  Buying a high-quality webcam would serve as a worthwhile investment for businesses looking to integrate Live Video into their routing marketing strategy.

Create a Streaming Calendar: Schedule your videos so your subscribers can expect when you will be regularly going live.  Announce the time of your Live Video and the type of content you will be covering on your social media accounts the day before you go live.  This will help to pique the interest of new or casual viewers looking to learn about a certain topic.

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