Google Recognizes Mobile Friendly Web Designs


It’s a well established fact that websites with mobile friendly web designs get more traffic and generate more sales. Savvy web designers have been implementing mobile friendly and responsive designs into their sites for some time now. A new move by Google, however, is set to drive home the importance of mobile friendly web design even further.

On November 18th, Google announced the release of their new “mobile friendly” labels for search results. These labels will be affixed to sites that Google’s search algorithms have judged to display and function properly on mobile devices.


These tags will only appear in mobile search results, or search results that initiate from mobile devices. The goal is to communicate to mobile web browsers whether the site they wish to visit is supported by their mobile device or not. Google reps were quoted as saying that they understand that landing on a website that is not mobile friendly can be a “frustrating experience for our mobile searchers”, and these new labels represents an effort on their part to lessen this frustration.

Measuring ‘Friendliness”

So what makes for a mobile friendly web design? The new Google algorithm judges website based on a wide variety of criteria that influence how a site responds to mobile devices. Specific features it looks for include…

  • Absence of Flash (most mobile devices cannot view Flash)
  • Readable Text (does not require zooming on mobile devices)
  • Fit to Screen (page may be viewed without horizontal scrolling)
  • Tap Friendly (buttons and link are adequately spaced for finger navigation)

Take the Test

Does your site feature mobile friendly website design? Are mobile users getting the full experience out of your web-page? Have you earned ‘mobile friendly’ status? You can find out in a flash using Google’s own ‘Mobile Friendly Test‘. Just enter your site’s URL, click the ‘Analyze’ button, and find out in seconds.

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Get Friendly, Fast!

If your site fails the Mobile Friendly Test, it may be time to consider a website redesign. Creative Click Media specializes in building responsive, mobile friendly web designs. Every site we build looks and functions elegantly on any mobile device, guaranteeing that customers can view your site anywhere, anytime. Be everywhere your customer are with mobile friendly web design from Creative Click Media.

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    That was a great timely post. Google is testing more and more on Mobile friendly designs.
    Shortly, the number of mobile web users surpass the desktop web users. So it is important to stress more on the mobile friendly designs.

    Recently, I also came across that while browsing on web. Google marks the search engine results as mobile friendly, if it detects mobile friendly theme on the web page.

    Akshay ~

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