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Email marketing represents one of the effective and efficient means of reaching a targeted audience and delivering a marketing message. Smart companies leverage the power of email marketing to engage their current customers, attract new ones, and reinforce their brand message.



Email has become an integral part of daily life. According to global data published by Madison Logic, 122 billion emails are sent every hour. That’s nearly three trillion email a day. There are over 3.8 billion active email accounts and 91% of internet users check their e-mail at least once a day.

No other marketing platform offers penetration numbers like that.



‘Reach’ defines the percentage of your targeted market that your marketing message, well, reaches. Email marketing affords a reach that far surpasses other digital marketing tools.


Let’s imagine a company with 2000 facebook followers. It is said that their ‘potential’ reach is 2000, but potential and actuality are two very different beasts. Of the 2000 followers who may potentially view a social media post, only a small percentage (about 26%) will actually see it, and even less will respond, comment, or take action as a result. So this imaginary company’s ‘potential’ reach is 2000, its actual reach is only 520.

email marketing

Now let’s imagine a company that sends out 2000 marketing emails. An average of 18% of the emails will get blocked or fail to deliver, and another 4% will end up in the dreaded’ spam’ folder. While that represents a fail rate of 22%, it also represents a hit rate of 78% and a penetration of 1,560; nearly 300% more than a social media post.

Shelf Life

Here’s a phrase you’ve probably heard, “Once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever.”

It’s a fairly common idea, one repeated by parents trying to encourage their children to be responsible in their use of the world wide web. However, it isn’t true. Not even kind of.

Content uploaded to the internet is not permanent. Websites shut down or get hacked, domain names are bought and sold, and the greater majority of content uploaded to the internet will be lost to the digital winds of time.

And even if the internet was ‘forever’, after a certain point, who cares?

75% of all Facebook impressions are made in the first two and a half hours. That means that once the golden 2.5 hour mark is crossed, the effectiveness of a marketing message delivered via Facebook plummets.


“Tweets” are even more temporal, with an effective life-span measured in minutes.

Email marketing, on the other hand is like a Highlander; it’s never going to die unless it is actively killed. An e-mail just sits there in a recipients inbox, waiting patiently to be opened and read. It is this characteristic that provides email marketing with a much longer ‘shelf-life’ than other digital marketing channels.


You may want to hold on to your seats for this one.


That’s the average return-on-investment for an email marketing campaign, according to an August 2013 report from the Direct Marketing Association. To put that into straight dollars and cents, every $1 you spend on email marketing has the potential to make $43. That level of ROI is incredibly rare across any medium, and yet in merely represents that standard for email marketing. Target your campaign effectively, develop a catchy headline, and provide some quality content, and the sky is the limit for your ROI.

Putting the time and effort into developing an e-mail marketing campaign can pay huge dividends for smart businesses and marketers. Whatever your marketing message, e-mail marketing provides deep penetration, wide reach, a longer shelf life than other digital channels, and an unbeatable ROI.

Sound Off

We want to hear from you!

Have you or your business ever launched an email marketing campaign? What strategies and tactics did you employ? What kind of results did you experience?

Drop us a line in the comments section and check back soon for Part: 2 of Creative Click Media’s blog series on e-mail marketing.


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    So many excellent and extremely practical points Adam!

    First off, if you invest a dollar and get back three or more in return! Entrepreneur by all means, please keep doing it! Let alone a $43 to one ROI!

    Another extremely important point that you made!

    While social media in general and twitter, Facebook, Google Plus (and others) in particular are currently all the rage, with regards to effectively marketing your products and services, via social media.

    As you so wisely pointed out! Don’t lose sight of the fact, those mediums have an extremely fleeting shelf life!

    As compared to tried and true, good old fashioned, effective (yet at times boring) (one to one) opt in (subscriber based) email marketing.

    You roll out a tweet and within seconds, it’s virtually out of sight on your timeline! Not so, (as you pointed) out with your emails marketing campaigns.

    Unless it arrives in your spam box or until your subscriber actually deletes it! Or unsubscribes altogether!It will patiently sit there! Great points Adam!

    Thanks for sharing! You’ve inspired me to share yet another post about the many benefits of implementing and maintaining an ongoing, active opt in email marketing campaign! Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Adam Binder

    Hey Mark,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post and that you are also seeing success from email marketing. Thanks for such a thoughtful comment. You really made my day with that 🙂


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