4 Ways to Make Keyword Research Less Challenging

A New website for your business means that you get to start from the ground up. Starting with a brand new website can often make keyword research much more challenging. If you don’t have historical website data to grow from, you may find keyword research a bit challenging as one of the most important tasks for growing your website’s search engine ranking.

Creating a new website gives you a ton of advantages – you don’t have to adapt to poor legacy decisions made years ago, and you can move away from clunky HTML sites that may have not been the best choice or the easiest to use for your business.

On the other hand, starting with a new website means that you don’t have any data. This means that all of the traditional keyword research advice for a solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy isn’t going to apply – analyzing your current rankings to look for gaps, the use of internal search data and many others.

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Below are four ways you can make starting a new SEO strategy less of a challenge – you don’t have to accept defeat.

Start with Your Competitors

Analyzing four or five of your competitors is a great place to start. Many established players in a particular realm of business aren’t as savvy as you may assume when it comes to SEO. It’s harder for larger entities to priorities new initiatives.

Use SEMRush or other free tools to find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for in organic search and what terms they’re bidding on in paid search. You can also use this tool to export a list of keywords, helping you build a killer list of keywords very quickly.

If there are several competitors bidding on the same keywords – that’s a good sign that it’s an important term for you.

No Competitors? Look at Your Audience

If you find yourself without any competitors (lucky you) or searching through a bunch of competing businesses that seem to not know what they’re doing at all when it comes to SEO, then you need to look at your audience.

Finding new keywords for a new website is easy with other online tools to help you monitor your audience. Check out Keyword Planner on some nontraditional sources like Pinterest Boards, forums or other sources of user-generated content.

Listening to your audience at the source will help you better prepare a successful SEO strategy for your new business website.

Don’t Forget About Social Profiles

How are the target audience members of your community describing themselves? This is very important for generating keywords for a new business website.

The best source for this type of research are LinkedIn profiles. Highlight key phrases or phrases that you see repeated in the LinkedIn profiles of key industry players in order to get great nuggets of information to start your keyword set for your new website.

So You Have Your Keywords – Now What?

The chances are you’re going to build a list of keywords that will likely be blatantly obvious. For example, a local construction company in NJ might want to rank for “Home Builder.” Such competitive terms are not going to get you anywhere, so you need to prioritize.

Look at the list you’ve compiled and pick out the ones that are the quick wins. These are the lower volume keywords that will definitely drive you revenue and good SEO. Then choose the ones that are a little more difficult to rank for, but are reasonable goals. Finally, list the ones that will have a huge impact on your business but will take a long time to rank for.

Prioritizing your keyword list will help your develop solid goals for your SEO strategy, and helping you find the best place to start with your new website.

By using smart competitive analysis and other SEO tools for audience intelligence, you can make keyword research for your new business website a little bit easier.

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