Creative Click Media Takes on The Makers Fest: Our Adventures and Experiences

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This past Saturday some of the Creative Click Media team attended the second annual Makers Fest, and take it from us – it was a blast!  Between the incredible art from over 100 Makers, the sweet jam sessions from local musicians, and delicious foods from all types of cuisines, we had a phenomenal time taking in the unique atmosphere of such a creative event.

Part of the beauty behind The Makers Fest  is that there really is something for everyone, and we certainly experienced this firsthand.  After reflecting on our afternoon for the past few days (and counting down the days until next year’s event!) , Adam, Anthony, Bev, Jason, the Olivias, and Miles all shared their favorite parts of The Makers Fest, as well as reflected on the diversity that made this event such a success.

The Creativity

An event like this doesn’t come around often, so I made sure to take advantage of everything that the Makers Fest had to offer.  Some of my personal highlights included taking a yoga class with Crystal Froberg, scoping out the artwork from Firefly Gallery and Groundswell Prints, and watching Yes Love put on a great live show.  As someone in a creative field, it’s always inspiring to see other creative people chase their passions and thrive in their careers doing what they love. -Adam, Founder

Makers Fest

Crystal Froberg Makers Fest

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere was welcoming, peaceful, and intriguing. What made The Makers Fest unique was the artists of various techniques. Speaking to a few vendors, their passion was clear in their voice and their work displayed their talents. From masterful wood workings, inspiring glass art, paintings of all styles, and natural products. Large turnout, great music, fun activities, and wonderful people. -Anthony, Account Executive

Makers Fest

The Variety

The best thing about The Makers Fest was the sheer variety. It truly was everything artistic. My personal favorite was Bunkerfish. Initially attracted to their designs at Third Thursday, I was immediately drawn to their tent at Makers Fest. It was a tough decision between the pillow with the cat peeking out from behind the flowers or the t-shirt with the little guy peering over the edge of the brightly flowered pocket. I wanted both, but settled on the t-shirt. Still kind of regretting not getting the pillow! -Bev, Project Manager, Marketing

Makers Fest

The Diversity

I enjoyed seeing all the different types of art on display. I bought three pieces, each for different reasons. One piece had faith, family, and freedom on it, which I bought because those are the three things, in the correct order, that are important to me. I also bought two pictures. One to hang in my room the other as a gift for someone (I can’t name names, they might be reading this!).

In addition to the art I enjoyed listening to the bands, in particular, bands that did not sing but just played their instruments like one giant jam session. I enjoyed the chord progressions they used and how they all played together without drowning each other out. -Jason, Social Media Specialist

Makers Fest

The People

One of my favorite parts of The Makers Fest was definitely learning more about the people behind the event.  Many of the Makers are people I knew of from the community, whether it be from shopping their merchandise, visiting their restaurant or conducting Creative Corner interviews with them, so it was really exciting to get to meet the people behind the work I’ve admired.

Something else I loved was coming across artwork that made me think “that’s so me!”  Because art is so personal, finding art that speaks to me and my personality is always something to get excited about.  My favorite purchases of the whole day were these two greeting cards from Parcel Island.  How can’t you love a sparkly flamingo and a partying pineapple?  Simple as they may be, they made me smile so I had to have them. -Olivia G, Director of Communications

Makers Fest

The Artistry

The Makers Fest truly attracted phenomenal artistic talent. Each booth showcased a different form of art that could not be copied. Items ranged from pillows to driftwood and from watercolors scenery to obscene coffee mugs…the list goes on and on! Each artist had a trademark that was unique to their aesthetic, it was amazing to see what channel each artist used to bring their pieces to life. -Olivia O, Communication Specialist

Makers Fest

The Fun Stuff!

I had so much fun running around all day at The Makers Fest!  My favorite parts were the GIANT rainbow sprinkle cookie from Passion Flour Bakery and making my very own Oyster Farmers shirt with Jetty!  I also learned that after a long day of fun, the very best way to relax is curled up in a comfy hammock. -Miles, Director of Distraction (as dictated by Olivia G.)

Makers Fest
Makers Fest


Needless to say, the team at Creative Click Media had an awesome time at The Makers Festival and we can’t wait to see how it can get even bigger and badder next year!  What kind of hidden gems did you score at the event?  Let us know about your experience in the comments!

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