Nine Reasons Why Your Business Doesn’t Need a Website

Websites: a good one cost thousands of dollars so why bother, right?

A lot of local and small businesses run purely on word of mouth so why would you need a website? Exactly. To further prove this point, we compiled a list of all the reasons why your business doesn’t need a website.

You Don’t Need More Business

You don’t want to grow your business. You’re perfectly content with where you’re at. You have your regular customers and they keep everything moving along nicely. A website will only make sure new people see you and do business with you but you don’t need that.

Your Competition Deserves a Shot

Without your business being on the web to steal focus from the competition, they’re getting your potential customers and you’re perfectly okay with that. You’ve been around. People know who you are. You’ll be okay.

Your Customers Aren’t on the Web

You’re right. There are only 1 billion people on Facebook and a few hundred million on all the other social networks. Not to mention, Google only gets 3.5 billion searches per day. We’re sure whatever audience you’re trying to reach isn’t in there. The Yellow Pages have been around much longer than the internet so they’re still bringing in valuable business for you right? Just keep in mind that younger generations don’t know much about The Yellow Pages.

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You Don’t Need to Build Client Relationships

You don’t really see the value in long term, loyal customers. One-time short term clients are much easier for you to handle.

You Have Nothing New To Say

Your ideas, thoughts and news about your business don’t matter to your customers. If you’ve decided to change your menu or your pricing or location, they don’t need to know about it.

Your Consumers Never Have Questions

A website can’t help you with customer service. If clients have questions, they can just give you a call – if they can find your phone number.

You Don’t Want to Be Found

You don’t need your business address all over the web. Plenty of people drive or walk by your business all the time. You get plenty of foot traffic without having new people find you.

You Don’t Need to be Known as a Credible Business

70% of consumers use websites to establish the credibility of a business but you don’t need to be labeled. Your customers know you’re good. New customers will just have to take the risk.

Customers Don’t Need to Know About Your Experience

Whether you’re a restaurant, contractor, graphic design, care taker, doctor or any professional really – do people really need to know how you got where you are? Do they really need to know your story? Probably not. They’ll probably just do business with you because they like your name.

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If any of these describe you then move forward and don’t worry about a business website. On the other hand, we’ve hoped we’ve convinced you to change your mind about a business website. The Yellow Pages can only do so much for you and many younger generations have never used the Yellow Pages. Whatever you do, think about the children…the children who have never used the Yellow Pages…we’re sure they miss your business. We’re here to help you and all those needy children who only know how to use the internet. Creative Click Media offers cutting edge responsive web design that delivers real results. To get started, give us a call.

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