Panda 4.0 What You Need to Know


As of 5/20/2014  Google confirmed that they rolled out their latest algorithm update, Panda 4.0. This ends the speculation within the SEO community throughout the past few weeks. While it may be too early for some webmasters to tell how the Panda Update will be affect their site rankings, others are already reporting great gains and losses. Since the beginning of May we have without a doubt seen some sites organic traffic increase, while others have done the opposite.


What Exactly is Panda?

Panda is an update to google’s algorithm that was implemented to detect and penalize:

  • Duplicate content
  • Articles with short content (under 600 words)

The Good news is that you only need to focus on a few details to ensure your content stays Panda-friendly.

Tips for Keeping Panda Happy:

  • Create high quality original content for your website
  • Make your site easy to navigate
  • Don’t participate in keyword stuffing for the sake of rankings. Instead, build websites for human users
  • Keep META data unique and relevant to the pages across whole website.
  • Post fresh quality content on your website. This includes blog posts, photos and video.
  • Have the website properly geo-targeted to your physical location
  • Don’t let ads take precedence over your website content
  • Stay Clear of any black-hat SEO tactics like low quality links and content farms
  • Focus on a great content strategy that gets you natural links from authority websites
  • Increase your social media efforts as Google considers this to be a strong indicator of high quality content

How Does Panda 4.0 affect your small business ?

Hopefully, this new Google Panda update will bring good news for small businesses and their websites.  If Panda 4.0  is able to effectively filter out the low-quality websites with little or poor content, then small and medium sized businesses who regularly produce good content should be able to leverage the search results to their advantage. Of course there will always be winners and losers with such a drastic and sudden change like the one brought about by Panda 4.0. The two main problems I see with the small businesses I deal with is poor content and an overall lack of content. I recently had a client ask me why her business was not ranking for a specific term that her competitors were. After looking through her website, the reason for this became very clear: the phrase she wanted to rank for didn’t appear anywhere on her website!

As with all major updates it takes time to tell how small businesses will be impacted. If history is any indicator of how this update will perform, then the algorithm is probably volatile right now, but it should stabilize in weeks ahead to help you to identify baselines and trends to alter. It is important to be patient, but also to keep an eye on your analytics to watch any new trends as they emerge. Now is a also a great time to take advantage of our free SEO Audit to see where you stack up against your top competitors.

As more information develops we will keep you updated.

We would love to here from you regarding Panda 4. 0 in the comments below. Has your website seen any significant changes as a result of Panda 4.0?

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    Hey Adam,

    I finally made it back to comment on your post because I had read this last week. I was curious about this update because I’ve seen no change in my traffic or rankings. After going through the list of what they were looking for I knew I was okay with this one.

    I was on Neil Patel’s blog the other day and he shared a tool you can use to check your site to see if you had any slack surrounding the days after the update to see if you were affected in any way. I was all clear! Yay!!!

    Thanks for sharing this with us though because although I have a love/hate relationship with Google I don’t want to get on their bad side.

    Hope you enjoy your week.


    • Avatar
      Adam Binder

      This website saw all positive improvements in ranking, but I have seen others that were negatively impacted. I’ve also seen at least a dozen that got hit hard initially but had their rank restored either partially or fully within a week. It intrigues me as to what Google’s mysterious algorithm actually looks like.

      Ill have to look for the tool you speak of on Neil’s blog. Sounds like its worth checking out.

      Thanks for stopping by Adrienne,and a great week to you as well. 🙂


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