Introducing Google RankBrain and Your Business

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Once again Google has revealed a new aspect to its overall algorithm search ranking and search engine optimization specialists must re-adjust. In October 2015, Google launched an artificial intelligent system called RankBrain. Yes you read that correctly, artificial intelligence. Google is not placing us in the Matrix, but RankBrain will have an impact on your business and its rankings.

Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence or AI typically refers to a computer system that has the capability to teach itself. AI systems develop the “connect the dots” between subject A and subject B. These systems continue to build knowledge on reference, like the human brain.

Machine learning is where the computer system has the ability to teach itself without the assistance of a human being. Machine learning can be seen as a part of AI. However, it differs in the fact that a machine can teach itself, but does not contain the ability to build on that knowledge.

RankBrain is a unique platform as it possesses the ability to teach itself without human input, build on that knowledge gained, and reference back.

SEO with a Mind of its Own

Google RankBrain

Now is the time to have a proper SEO strategy in place as this new technology is being phased into the market. Your rankings may have been positively reflected on top page results before Google’s new platform, but how long will it remain?

RankBrain is thinking like a human, not like a computer. This system is searching the internet for content for humans. All SEO experts will stress the importance of keywords, and RankBrain loves keywords (can an artificial intelligent system love?). What makes this system remarkable is the ability to take keywords and reference other searches containing those keywords. The output offers a more accurate results page for the inquirer.

SEO meets Content Marketing

Master Control… I mean RankBrain can put business owners on edge. The platform has actually been utilized by Google for a couple months now and there is a secret to the new algorithm. The secret is having a content marketing strategy.

Building content for your business is crucial for your businesses rankings. What is your audience searching for? The content being published to your site should provide information of the services or goods that your business offers. RankBrain is compiling those keywords and displaying them on the search results page.

This algorithm may have the ability to think like a human, but it will not know the services you offer unless it is listed somewhere in your content. For example, a landscaping business does not have any content anywhere on their site about power-washing homes or decks. The business does however perform those services, but without the content; RankBrain cannot draw that conclusion.

Light the Signals

Connecting the dots

Google’s overall algorithm contains hundreds of signals. These signals are different characteristics that affect rankings. When a search results page is being compiled, signals such as bold letters, mobile-friendliness, back-links, social media, structure, etc. are instantly calculated and impact the results.

Being only on the market for a couple of months, RankBrain is already ranked the third most applied signal at Google.

If your business has a proper SEO strategy in place, RankBrain shouldn’t have too much of an impact on your website, as content is regularly published onto your site. If you have been hesitant to react, now is the time to reach out for a strong SEO strategy.

Creative Click Media creates a customized SEO strategy for your business. Finding the keywords for your business and taking aggressive plans for the first page. We provide a custom content marketing strategy to build the content that a platform such as RankBrain will discover.

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