How To Use Animated Videos to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Words paint pictures and images tell stories but video is the most powerful online marketing media. Animated videos can help you attract your ideal clients and increase your chances of success exponentially.

Every other website has at least one explainer video on their main page. Some are using animated explainer videos to tell customers how to use their websites, while others are explaining the benefits of their products or services. How can you gain an edge over your competition with animated videos? In this article we explain how to make animated videos work for you and boost your conversions.

Animated Videos Explain Your Business

You’ve probably seen one of those already. Remember those not-so-pretty whiteboard sketches your science professor made to explain a complex process or show connections between various items? Well, a typical explainer video does that, too, but it is also pleasant to watch. In an animated explainer video, 2-D animations give your viewers the desired information in a fun and entertaining way. Whiteboard explainer videos are a fun way of delivering crucial information to your website visitors about your products or services. The way these videos work can help convert your visitor from a prospect to a client, and here are the six main reasons it happens.

1. Visual Messages Stick

Visual communication is preferred for delivering information because the human mind is more attuned to visual information. In fact, science tells us the sense of sight is our primary source of information, as our mind receives over 80% of all information through our eyes. Another thing about visual messages that people love is they take very little time to consume when compared to written messages. So, the messages you deliver to your visitors using explainer videos will stick much longer than any amount of excellent copy written on your pages, and you’ll be able to do it in less time. Simply put, animated videos will help you communicate better and more effectively with the people visiting your website.

[svpGlobalVideo v=1]

2. Explain Your Business & Increase Sales

This is also one of the most important reasons animated videos are taking the marketing world by storm.  Animated videos allow you to explain your business or idea better and with more precision since their is no chance of a prerecorded video saying the wrong thing. Let’s say you’re an innovative online investment firm, and your visitors are small business owners; you can have your animated video show exactly how your service can make their lives easier by simplifying the investment process and improve their bottom line. This will lead to increased engagement and also add weight to their purchase decision for your service.

3. Engage Your Audiences

The most interesting thing about animated explainer videos is they work like a story, and the thing about stories is they keep us hooked. With animated videos, you use characters and scenes and show your viewers what happens in those many seemingly ordinary situations. In other words, your viewers will actually be looking forward to see each scene getting completed on the screen. You will be able to deliver all the information you want to share in a medium that leaves a lasting impression on your visitors’ minds and may even make them click through to your order form.

4. Build Trust With Your Audience

Animated videos also let you deliver a clear message through to your viewers – that you are an expert in your field. When you draw their problems out and discuss the situations they could be stuck in, the first impression your viewers get is you understand their problem. It also means they find it easy to trust the solutions you provide. Seeing their own problems presented with accuracy will certainly get your visitors attention, since this is the first and foremost quality visitors seek in the website they visit. Your animated videos can explain how you truly understand their problem and lead to higher probability of their conversion. Watch the video we created for Acclaimed New Jersey Dentist Ron Rotem to see how animation paired with still photos makes for an extremely professional presentation of services.

[svpGlobalVideo v=2]

5. Cost Effective

Like any other effective tool for marketing, animated videos are extremely effective, but they’ll also give you a hard time if you want to make them yourself (unless, of course, you have a background in video production). At the same time, getting a professional service to do the job for you makes it easy. They typically cost less to make compared to other video production techniques. Animated videos are definitely going to help your business if they’re done right and made by professionals.

6. Visitors See Your Solution Working

With animated explainer videos, not only can you demonstrate to your visitors you understand their problem, you’ll get a clean field to make them see how your solutions can help them solve the problem. This demonstration adds a lot to your credibility, because you aren’t manipulating your visitors’ readiness to trust your solution, (since you’ve proven you understand their problems) you are actually showing them how your services can incorporate into their systems and processes and make things right for them. Your animated videos can literally make them see your solutions working in their own system. With no expense to actually demonstrate this practically, you can bring about the same effect. So, we see no reason why you should still be thinking about whether or not animated videos can engage your visitors effectively and significantly increase your conversion rates. At Creative Click Media, we are dedicated to providing high quality animated explainer video production services for our clients, which can not only make your business stand out from the crowd, but can also help you with your long-term business goals.

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  • Adrienne

    Hey Adam,

    I think they are very impressive myself. I get hooked when I see one of these videos because they’re just different and they definitely stand out from all the rest.

    I love your examples here that you’ve shared and I’m seeing more and more appear across the web. Guess that’s because they work so well so thanks for breaking this all down for us as to why we need to think about investing in our own. You know I will. 😉


    • Adam Binder

      I’m glad you enjoyed them. Video is a powerful medium because it incorporates multiple senses and does not require any effort to enjoy. Videos are also increasingly becoming important for SEO.

      On a side note, I went and invested in a nice microphone the other day so I could record voiceovers. I tested it with Miles and we made a cartoon with monsters that makes absolutely no sense, but it sounded great.

      Just let me know when you’re ready for your animated debut 🙂

      • Adrienne

        I bet that’s a really cute video too Adam. I do think that videos can do a lot that words can’t. Plus when done like this they are just too cute.

        I definitely will, I have to put my brain to work.



  • Movie Motion

    Animated explainer videos are the attractive way to promote and make effective marketing of business & products. You are right, video created by professionals can do better job.

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