Using Search Engine Optimization to Improve Visibilility

Why Conduct an Audit?
An SEO audit is a smart solution for websites suffering changes to the Google algorithm and technical website problems. Algorithm changes in the prior two years have been especially hard for websites that rely on advertising sales and affiliate programs. Correcting SEO difficulties to comply with Google’s preferences can breathe new life into your site.


Common Difficulties
A drop in  ranking can occur for several reasons. The Panda upgrade was debilitating for all. Other websites may have experienced a slow degradation in ranks as other opponents move into the market. Site migrations and poorly implemented redesigns can cause SEO annoyances also. Regardless of the cause of your Search Engine Optimization problem, the first step in fixing it is a site-extensive SEO audit.


How an SEO Audit Works
An SEO audit entails reviewing all of the indexed pages on a web site using many different instruments to show difficulties. Broken links, links to sites with lousy reputations, overly complex website navigation, slow page loads as well as other problems may be uncovered through the process. Your auditor must have the ability to supply you with a report of the problems found through the audit, along with a blueprint to deal with each one.The action plan may simply include coding changes, removing particular links from the site or correcting busted ones.


Correcting Issues
This audit can be taken by your team and set to work correcting the problems. But leaving it at that sets you up for serious pitfalls. That Is because designers and developers might not hold a Search Engine Optimization mindset. They may not understand that simplifying the navigation means completely replacing the old code, not simply concealing the old navigation and adding in new.


Pushing a Recrawl
If you miss the boat on that, your auditor can always force a Google recrawl through a helpful Google tool. Google Webmaster Tools has a characteristic called “Submit URL to Index.” Rather than waiting an uncertain period of time to be reindexed, your auditor can submit the site and it will generally be indexed in just a day. Your auditor will know the way to utilize this tool.


Recuperate from SEO issues quickly by asking us for an audit.
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