Video Marketing in the Digital Age

Every year during the Superbowl, elite advertisers spend upwards of two-million dollars for 60 second time slots to air commercials that often cost millions more to produce. Why the expense? Why the effort?

Because it works.

Video marketing is one of the most effective and well received communication methods available to advertisers. With the advent of the digital age, the the cost of implementing video marketing has decreased as its effectiveness and reach has sky-rocketed.

Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to be an elite advertiser. You don’t have to spend millions. You just need a message and the desire to communicate it.

Any company or organization can afford to produce and publish digital video marketing material, from explainer videos to product demos to good old fashioned promo videos. These materials engage customers, increase conversion rates, and spread awareness; all across the modern medium of the internet.

Get noticed

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth volumes. Potential customers live increasingly busy lives, and the modern world is in no way lacking in distractions. Video marketing helps engage this busy, distracted audience by ‘hitting them where they live’, as it were.


We are incredibly visual creatures; over 30% of the human brain is fully dedicated to interpreting visual stimuli. We have a receptiveness to visual messages that pre-dates the written word.

Many customers simply glance over written copy, picking up a keyword here, a buzzword there, but video marketing can stop them dead in their tracks. A marketing video has the potential to deliver large amounts of complex and nuanced information is a way that is entertaining, convenient, and easy for consumers to digest.

Add to that the fact that posting videos on your website increase traffic, boost time on page, and betters your standing in web searches, and it’s easy to see how video marketing strengthens your visibility.

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Get shared

The greatest force-multiplier for promotions in the digital age is the ‘share’. Organic engagement growth is the pinnacle of marketing effectiveness, and the connectivity of people afforded by the internet has made it a reality. When people like something they see online, they can share that thing they like with people they like with the click of a button.

And the results can be phenomenal! Some quick math to demonstrate; a large majority (80%) of all Facebook users have more than 50 ‘friends’. Let’s say 200 hundred people see your marketing video and only 2% like it enough to share it. Those four ‘shares’ just earned your video another 200 views. Another 2% share rates gets you another 200 views. And then another. And another.

You see where this is going, yes?

Video is the most shared component on social media, and quality video content can do wonders for your marketing efforts. Target your market well enough and produce content that truly resonates with them, and you could eve go ‘viral’. Viral video marketing campaigns have the potential to increase click-through rates by 750%.

Get paid

Let’s face it, unless you work for a non-profit or charity, you’re in the business of making money. Engagement and attention is great, but if a marketing effort doesn’t convert browsers into buyers, it’s only winning half the battle.

As studies have shown, video marketing doesn’t just convert; it does so with gusto.

According to, consumers who watch a product promo video are 64%-85% more likely to make purchase. A video on your websites home page can highlight featured products and simplify site navigation to increase time shopping. Product demo videos can spotlight sales messages and product features far more effectively than written copy. The suite of available video sales strategies available is nearly endless.

Video marketing, when done right, can be the best salesman you’ve ever had!

Lights, Camera,…

Take action! Video marketing is affordable, engaging, and effective. Creative Click Media has produced dozens of high-quality, high-impact marketing videos with a proven record of success. Contact us today and see how our video marketing strategies can help you leverage this exciting and powerful medium.


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  • Cararta

    Hi Adam,
    Watched your video on YouTube….didn’t find a link back to
    your Creative Click Media site.Would have been on the first line of the description in almost any other video.
    Very creative use of statistics… but I wasn’t a fan of your funky audio…was great as an intro, but for me went downhill after the intro and became distracting.

    You surely know how to lay out a great looking website.
    Think I need help! 🙂

    • Adam Binder

      Hi Cararta,

      Thanks for checking out the post and video. There is no link back to the website because its supposed to link to my new video marketing website, however I have been too busy to complete said website 🙂

      I appreciate your honest critique. The music seems to be love it or hate it and I haven’t heard much in between.

      We are here to help! If you need anything just ask.

      Thanks again for stopping by.


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