Why Your B2B isn’t Succeeding on Facebook

The internet and digital marketing are becoming more and more powerful every day. Because of this, more businesses and industries are looking into how to use these digital outlets for business success. Social media marketing has become one of the most powerful tools that businesses are turning to. That being said, many businesses still don’t fully understand how to use social media.

At its core, social media is about building relationships. This is done by sharing relevant and entertaining content that your followers will also find useful. However, it’s not that simple. The approach that many take when it comes to social media marketing is – let’s be there. Meaning, actively posting and responding to comments but that is as far as their social media marketing goes.

To be successful on social media, you need to do more than post. Like with most things, you need a plan.
Your plan needs to start with research and your research should start with your audience. There are a number of social media outlets to choose from. One of the most common mistakes that I see is when a business decides to be on 10 social media platforms or just be on one social media platform. Both have negative consequences. Trying to manage 10 platforms is going to seriously increase the amount of content you need to produce. It also takes more time to see results. Additionally, having only one social platform is not enough for an effective digital footprint.

When deciding which platforms to use, I recommend thinking about one simple fact about your business; are you a B2B or B2C company?


Why does this matter? Because not every industry can excel on every platform and who your customers are is the main factor to consider when choosing platforms for your digital marketing plan. By focusing on who you are trying to reach – consumers or businesses – you can start breaking down your strategy.

The goal here is to find a social audience who will want to engage with you. By understanding the industry dynamics of a platform, you will better understand the audience. For most, social media starts with Facebook but Facebook has changed a lot over the years. Despite its large audience, Facebook isn’t for everyone.

There are over one billion people on Facebook – the keyword there being people. Facebook is a place of entertainment and connecting with friends. This means that if you’re trying to catch the eye of other businesses, Facebook isn’t the place for you.

Facebook is usually the first, and sometimes the only, social network that businesses tend to use. This is because of its vast audience. It makes sense to go here first but just because they have a billion users doesn’t mean that all one billion of them will flock to your business page. In fact, a very small percent will even know you exist.

When a business posts on Facebook, no more than 10% of their audience will see the post (unless you pay for it). And growing a Facebook audience organically is almost impossible. Now, we’re not bullying you out of Facebook. We love Facebook and we suggest it to many of our clients. However, most of those clients are B2C businesses.

If you are selling a product or service to a consumer, you can succeed on Facebook. A Facebook audience will be more likely to engage with you and even produce some leads. If you’re a B2B, you don’t have to leave Facebook. But don’t expect to get much out of it.



If your B2B is struggling with Facebook, have no fear, you have other options. Twitter is one example. It’s been 10 years since Twitter was created and many people still don’t understand it and reasonably so. There is a lot you can do with Twitter both personally and professionally. When it comes to Twitter for business, B2Bs will excel.

The reason for this is simple. On Twitter, you can follow the audience you want to reach. On Facebook, it’s hard for businesses to connect with businesses but on Twitter it’s very simple because you can follow anyone. As you follow people on Twitter, people in their industry will start to follow you. For example, if you’re an accountant for lawyers, you would follow lawyers. Once you start following lawyers, other lawyers will find you more easily on Twitter because that is the audience you have created.

Google+ is another option as the following works the same way as Twitter. Additionally, hashtags are commonly use on both Twitter and Google+ making it easier to reach new people. And of course, LinkedIn would be a good choice for a B2B as it is full of business professionals. However, the approach to take on LinkedIn is to be yourself – a person from your company, trying to connecting with people who work at other B2B’s. Connect with them and reach out to each other to form business connections. LinkedIn Groups are also a great way to find new people to do business with.

So if Facebook isn’t working for your B2B, you’re not out of luck. The great thing about social media and digital marketing is that it truly does have something for everyone. Just take your time and grow a quality audience and your social media marketing will produce results. If you need help with social media or any of your internet marketing be sure to reach out to us for help. We specialize in creating beautiful websites and promoting them throughout digital marketing outlets.

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