Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website

The mobile device landscape is growing every single day.

With the excessive choices available to consumers it is getting harder and harder for business owners to keep their company website up to date as new devices are introduced.

If you are in charge of your company website, what should you do? Building a website for each screen size would be impractical and costly. Is your company’s website utilizing these varying screen sizes to your advantage? If not, a  responsive website may be the best solution.

How often have you viewed a website on your smart phone only to have to do the annoying two finger zoom or having to scroll horizontally to see everything. A responsive website is designed so that the individual page elements respond differently when they are viewed on different sized devices. A responsive website will conform to whatever device screen size someone is viewing it on whether that be a desktop computer,  tablet or smart phone. In addition, a responsive website provides other advantages as well.

Better User Experience

Instead of having to manually resize a website on a mobile device or constantly navigate by using a swiping motion, responsive websites bend, flex and resize to the frame provided, making the website easier to read and navigate on smaller mobile screens. No matter which way you rotate your device, portrait or landscape, the website will conform to fit the screen.

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Responsive Website Design Improves SEO

Building separate desktop and mobile websites requires the use of  duplicate content, which will hurt your SEO according to Google. By having one site across all platforms, this duplicate content is eliminated allowing everyone to access the same content on any device. In addition, a responsive website usually helps to reduce bounce rate because visitors enjoy the site more, which in turn is also good for SEO.

Future Proof

Having a responsive website ensures that any device that comes out in the future will be able to display your content correctly. This fact alone should put business owners at ease because having a responsive website will save them time, money and possibly frustration.

One Design to Fit Many Screens

At its most basic, a responsive website has just one website layout to fit many different screens.  When designing a responsive website, there are many questions to consider. Is there room for a full menu? Probably not. So a hamburger icon, those three small lines that symbolize a navigation menu, with the menu either expanding below it or moving in from the side will work fine. Should I hide the sidebar on mobile or should I make it drop below the main content?

creative click media is made with divi by elegant themes

Our newly redesigned website is built using Divi by Elegant Themes and is fully responsive.

Our Approach to Responsive Website Design

Your website should be accessible on all devices.  At Creative Click Media we have created hundreds of responsive websites in the past few years. Depending on the complexity of the design, the cost of taking a responsive approach can vary.  We do not currently offer retro-fitting responsiveness to a website currently set at a fixed width. We only build or re-build a website from the ground up or from your new design. We recently revamped our responsive website with a new look and feel using Divi by Elegant Themes as a starting point. You can see in the image above just how nicely the responsive  website design handles the different devices.

Responsive website design is not slowing down. With the preferred use of smartphones and tablets in the marketplace only increasing, web designers and developers should be building websites to match. Likewise, business owners shouldn’t underestimate the importance of building a site that is compatible on all platforms.

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  • Adrienne

    Hey Adam,

    I have to agree with you although I’m not exactly sure I believe those numbers. I did a test earlier this year and I don’t have a lot of mobile users accessing my blog. I’m kind of happy about that actually because I’m not a big mobile user myself.

    I do have my theme set up for mobile access though so it looks okay on a mobile device. I wouldn’t want to lose any readers because of that but then I’ve had guys argue with me that the people can’t see their opt-in box if they use the responsive type theme. They’ll lose opt-ins that way. Maybe because I’m not a big mobile user, I would never spend my time opting into someone’s blog with my phone.

    I still think this is the way things are heading whether we like it or not. Be prepared or lose more readers, that’s really the bottom line here.


    • Adam Binder


      I think the big difference is who makes up ones target audience. Because many of your readers are also bloggers it only makes sense that a high percentage would be viewing from a desktop since blogging from a mobile device would be difficult. Since my website mainly caters to business owners I do have a lot of mobile viewers but not nearly as much as some others I have seen.

      A good example of a website with an unusually high percentage of mobile views is with a local NJ Towing Company I work with. I recently redesigned their site specifically with a focus on mobile, because 9 times out of ten people are calling them from the side of the road on a mobile device. For this reason, I felt the focus should be on mobile first. Needless to say, their conversion rate is up about 40%.

      So while the entire paradigm slowly shifts for everyone, making the shift now is certainly more imminent for some website owners depending on their audience’s viewing preference.

      Thanks for your input Adrienne. I always look forward to hearing from you 🙂

  • Caitlyn Bell

    Yes. Agreed!!! As far as my point of view is concerned, website is a face of any business. This is a great platform to inform your targeted customers that what you serve and where your stand. The better and expressive your website the batter you run in the market. So, have a perfect website for your business designed with latest software and coding.

    • Adam Binder


      I couldn’t have said it better. You are right, that you get to have the latest software and coding, while only really having to focus on the design itself. By the way, I looked at your website and I love it! Are those animated GIF’s on the homepage? They look really cool, very unique. How did you do that? 🙂


  • Ryan Shelley

    Responsive is the way to go! While a majority of my site traffic is still via computer, I have seen the mobile usage go up a ton this year. While currently the SEO dings are only happening on mobile results, a number of indications are also showing that this may become a larger part of the ranking algorithm in the months to come. I thinks it more of UX issue than duplicate content. The Big G is pushing harder than ever on UX. In the page quality guidelines, just releases, they actually say they wont punish duplicate content if it serves a purpose, which I think a mobile site would fit that. But responsive site are fasters and usually give a much better UX, which are big positives!

    Thanks for posting!

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