WordPress 4.0 is here!

Say Hi to Benny!

The latest update from WordPress is here; and it is a game changer. WordPress 4.0, or “Benny” as it’s creators have named it, was released on Sept. 4th and is currently available for download or update on the WordPress dashboard and at WordPress.org.

This latest update represents a significantly more polished and comprehensive overhaul than the previous 3.9 update, offering a host of improvements to site management, embedding implementation, and content creation. While some of the updates are mere bug fixes and coding upgrades (boring!), there have also been several upgrades to the user interface and platform functionality that should be of particular interest to website owners and developers alike.

Media Management

The process of managing media on your WordPress site has seen a serious overhaul. The media upload view window has received a facelift and streamlined redesign that features all new functionality. A new detail preview feature allows for easy viewing and comprehensive editing of media right in the upload view window. This mean that you can edit, crop, and resize your media right in the view screen, saving time and effort when uploading images.

Easier Embedding

WordPress 4.0 makes embedding content on your sire easier than ever. A simple copy/paste interface has replaced the need for confusing and complicated coding and allows WordPress designers to embed content from a broad suite of source from YouTube to Spotify to Twitter. For a full list of supported sites, check the official WordPress site here.

Add to this a new ‘true view’ preview function that allows designers to ensure that their content appears as intended, and you have the smoothest embedding experience yet offered by WordPress.

Redesigned Content Creation

A newly redesigned interface makes writing and editing content a more reactive experience by resizing the text field to fit your copy. An ‘always there’ formatting toolbar simplifies the process of reformatting copy and makes publishing your articles and blog posts a breeze. While the overall functionality and features offered by the content creator have remained largely unchanged, implementing these features is quicker and more intuitive in the new update.

A Plethora of Plug-Ins

With WordPress 4.0, finding and implementing any one of the over 30,000 plug-ins available to WordPress users is easier than ever. Thanks to a more comprehensive search function complete with easy to read metrics and an enhanced visual interface, finding the perfect plug-in is a snap. And the best part; many of the available plug-ins are open source and free to use, which means that enhancing the functionality of your website won’t cost you a dime.

The Verdict

“Benny” may be the new kid on the block, but he shows a lot of promise and tons of potential. With the expanded emphasis on visual user interfaces and streamlining the production and design process, WordPress 4.0 is a definitive step forward for the web design platform. Those web designers that are quick to adapt to the new functionality and tools offered by the update stand to gain a significant edge over their competition. To learn more about the changes and improvements made to WordPress in the latest update and what these changes mean to you, visit the official WordPress website.


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  • Ravi Chahar

    Hi Adam,

    With the launch of this new version of WordPress many bloggers are excited o use it. But you know this version is not that much friendly as WordPress version 3.8.3.

    After this version all version have some problem. If you don’t install any plugin and don’t have nay knowledge about coding then you don’t have freedom to add your own text color apart from given color.

    There are many other things which are not friendly.
    I like old version.

    Still good to know more about latest version.

    Hope you have a nice week.:)


  • Adam Binder

    Hey Ravi,

    After having some time to play around with this new version I am also not sure I like it better. I have been having some issues with the text editor not scrolling correctly in some instances which has been a real hassle. Thankfully, that is the only thing I have seen so far that I disliked.

    Anyways, thanks for your input and for stopping by. You also have a nice week!


  • Adrienne

    Hey Adam,

    Wanted to check out your post because I haven’t updated yet. I like to see what’s happening as far as problems with it that everyone is having before I hit that update button.

    I thought the last update was suppose to be so great but I didn’t think so personally. I immediately learned from some of my friends that there is a coding issue with Thesis and we can’t see the comments. Yikes! A friend of mine finally found the solution but now I have to have the time to mess with it. It’s always something isn’t it!

    Thanks for the update though, like to know what I’m getting into.

    Have a great weekend.


    • Adam Binder

      Hi Adrienne,

      Your decision to wait is a smart one. I have been discovering small issues with this new update, most notably the issue I mentioned in my last comment about difficulty scrolling within the text editor, as this can make writing new posts tricky.

      The issue you seem to be experiencing with Thesis seems much more serious… I’m glad you were able to get it under control because I know you get a lot of comments on your blog.

      Thanks for your comment.


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