Running a Political Campaign? You Need a Website

Running a Political Campaign? You Need a Website.

One of the first things you need to do as a politician planning to run for office is to set up an effective website you can use to communicate with the public. No longer is it enough to write a bunch of copy and slam into a series of web pages and walk away. If that’s your idea of a website, you are missing incredible opportunities to speak to voters.

Ready to Run a Political Campaign Online?

Today’s Internet-savvy constituents will follow your campaign on your website if you put the content out there. Knowing how to run a political campaign only gets you half way there. Voters will use the Internet to find out more about you, your opinions and politics, and your stance on issues that are important to them. Done properly, your website can seriously improve your chances at being elected, particularly if you make it a place for potential voters to follow your campaign as it progresses and a place where voters can express their opinions. With the recent explosion of town hall meetings on the Federal level, it is easy to see that constituents today have an incredible desire to speak and be heard by their representatives in government. Think of it like this. If you could hold a virtual town hall every day of the week and assign a staff member to monitor and control the conversation, you give people who might vote for you a direct line of communication to you that they can access and use 24 hours a day. Handled properly, a well-planned website can supplement your ability to run a political campaign in a way that gets you in front of voters more often and in a way that gives voters a voice in politics. Not only can your website give voters a direct line to communicate with you (or your staff), but it also serves as a tool you can use to gauge what issues are most important to your constituents. And the best part is, you can approve and respond to the comments you want to approve and respond to. You maintain control while giving voice to those you want to vote for you. Everyone wins!

Maintain Your Own Website–Save Time and Money

One of the most effective platforms to use for creating a site you or your staff can readily maintain is called WordPress. WordPress is a content management system for the web that enables you to maintain your own content, publish your own videos, upload your photographs, and encourage public interaction, all without knowing a single bit of HTML code (although knowing it can come in handy at times). Using WordPress to run your political campaign allows you to save money because you can maintain the site yourself and add more content on a regular basis. Here at Creative Click Media we know all about running political campaigns on WordPress. Click here to learn more about our campaign websites.

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Making sure your website is updated and running properly is essitenial to your success on the web. Your website represents you when you're not around so there's no room for error. Use our guide to get started.

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