4 Ways to Generate Blog Content Ideas from Twitter

Are you fresh out of ideas for blog posts? Here are four data-driven approaches you can use to find out what you should write about next.

Find Out What Your Top Tweets are Now

What’s working for your blog right now on Twitter? Find out and iterate. You can use a report like Simply Measured’s Twitter Account Report to discover which of your Tweets are most successful.

blog content ideas

Out of all your top Tweets, isolate the Tweets that link back to your blog. Make a list of the posts included in these top Tweets, and build future blog content off similar topics. For example, our blog post 7 Instagram Hacks That Will Change How You Post did incredibly well on Twitter, so we followed it up with a similarly titled and themed post: 5 Twitter Hacks Your Brand Should Use.

Build Off Your Most Popular Keywords

A great way to develop ideas for blog content is to look at the keywords and hashtags that people most associate with your brand and start brainstorming from there.

blog content ideas

This chart (from the Simply Measured Twitter Account Report) shows the most popular words and hashtags used in Tweets mentioning Simply Measured.

One way to do this is to find the most popular words and hashtags used in conjunction with your brand on Twitter, and begin the brainstorming process using these words and themes as your foundation.

Know What Your Audience Likes

This one seems really basic, but you’d be surprised how many brands struggle with audience analysis. First, sort your Twitter audience members from most followed (or most engaged-with) to least.

blog content ideas

This chart comes from the Simply Measured Twitter Audience Analysis.

Then, consider the topics which are most commonly discussed by your top influencers. This should get your wheels turning. Finally, click through and take a qualitative look at these influencers’ Twitter profiles to understand the kind of blog content (both from your brand and other brands) that they’ve shared most recently and frequently.

Use Your Competitors for Inspiration

Which content pieces are working best for your competitors’ blogs on social? Run a competitive report to find out.

blog content ideas

This visual comes from Simply Measured’s Twitter Competitive Analysis.

By understanding which blog posts perform well for your competitors on social, you’ll be inspired to level up your content creation game, too.

  • Ryan Cote

    Great idea – I hadn’t considered using Twitter Analytics to determine which topics to blog about, but it makes sense. It’s like using Adwords to test headlines or copy.

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