Business Owners Tell All: What’s on Your Holiday Wish List?

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The holiday hustle and bustle can get pretty hectic this time of year, and no one understands hustle and bustle better than a business owner. Between handling day to day operations, adjusting to new holiday hours and planning ahead for the new year, some entrepreneurs might feel like their holiday cheer got lost at the North Pole.

Before we deck the halls, trim the trees and stuff the stockings, we decided to ask entrepreneurs what’s REALLY on their holiday wish list this year. While some of these presents might not be available for gift wrapping at a department store, we’re hoping the big man in the sleigh can work a little holiday magic of his own to make these wishes come true.

business wish listA Business Blueprint

As a solo-preneur, managing my own business and all of it’s task can be quite overwhelming. If I could have one holiday wish, it would be to have a completely written out blueprint and manual to teach me all of the ins and outs of owning a business. I have been in business as a Nutrition Consultant and Counselor for just over one year. I have made every mistake in the book as a business owner. From not marketing correctly, to not partnering with the right individuals, to losing money, and to even getting lost in a brand that was not authentic to me. However, with all of those mistakes, I have learned and grown, but it definitely never ends.

Having a business mentor, an assistant, and a strategic marketing campaign could take my business to the next level. Since I can’t put them all on my list, I accept to take each task one day at a time as I have continuously done and strive for.

Gisela Bouvier, MBA, RDN, LDN, Owner of B Nutrition and Wellness

business wishlist3D Sketchup Course

This holiday season, I’m asking for more new clients! I don’t think Santa will send them over in a box to put under my tree, but a decorator can only hope. What I’m really wanting this holiday season is an advanced 3D Sketchup course. To take my design game to the next level, I have to keep up to date with the latest technology in my field. Mastering realistic renders is my next professional goal, so a course to help make that happen is at the top of my list!

Ashley Rose Marino, Interior Decorator & Owner of Ashley Marino Designs

holiday wishlist businessA 25th Hour

At the top of my holiday wishlist this year is one more hour to each day. Not just an hour, but one totally uninterrupted hour where I can focus 100% without any distractions, digital or human.

Ian McClarty, President of PhoenixNAP Global IT Services




All I want for Christmas is boxes! Nothing would make me happier than to get some free time and boxes to clean up my office, warehouse, supply closet..

Running a company is hard, but it’s also messy. One week of looking the wrong direction and your work space piles up with envelopes, papers, coffee cups, you name it. I want nothing more this winter than to take a day or two to organize the damage from the past few weeks of fulfilling holiday orders.

Hopefully this gets around to Santa- I need boxes, free time, and if possible a maid.

Jonathan Prizant, Owner of Skokie Printing Inc.

A Fast Forward Button

On my holiday wishlist this year is a fast forward button for certain conversations. Sometimes, just sometimes, you know exactly what people are going to say. However, you also know that the conversation is going to take 15 minutes and you know the person will be offended or put off if you don’t go through the process of listening to the entire dialogue. It would be great to cut to the chance faster on occasion.

Marc Prosser, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Fit Small Business

Membership to the Admiral’s Club

This holiday season, I am asking for a membership to the Admiral’s Club. Being a co-founder of a quickly scaling company, I’m in the skies all of the time and a guest pass has been the luxury that provides me a few moments of sanity before takeoff. Also imperative is an upgraded version of noise canceling headphones and a gym membership to a nationwide chain to work off all of the pretzels.

Emily Purdom Ed.S. CCC-SLP, Co-Founder of DotCom Therapy


This holiday season I would like to see everyone be just a little bit nicer. Yes, I know it’s not super original, it’s an oldie BUT it’s a goodie. Lets all be a little nicer to each other and pass it on the niceties to the next person. In my industry we make sure the customer is always happy, and a lot of the time the customer wants to make sure we are doing okay too. That’s always a great feeling.

Adi Hed, Sales Manager at

National Shrink Wrap System

More than anything on this Earth, I would LOVE a National Shrink Wrap System! Currently, I handcraft all of my bath and body products, and then individually, painstakingly shrink wrap each item individually. The time it takes me to shrink wrap 1000 soaps one-by-one is incredulous. The National Shrink Wrap System would allow me to shrink wrap up to 16 soaps in one shot! Along with that, I can easily shrink wrap gift baskets, making my holiday section grow!

Kristen Fusaro-Pizzo, Owner of Bath, Body, Candle Moments

More Free Time

I run two ecommerce websites and an online blog site that I’ve been running since college. I just recently graduated in April and if I were to be completely honest, I would love for more free time this holiday season to be able to create video content for my blog. I work a full-time job remotely right now so my nights are spent writing and working on my side hustles.

I would also love a couple books that have been highly recommended. One being Traction by Gabriel Weinberg and Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. As a young business owner, I’m always looking to learn and books are one of my favorite resources.

Nick Le, Founder of Gridfiti

A Clean Inbox

My wishlist for 2018 is to have a squeaky clean inbox and my email fully under control. Like a lot of business owners, my inbox is a constant source of distraction. When people ask what I do, I feel like I could say answer emails and I’d only be half joking. I’m nearly always in my in-box checking on something, following up or finding information.

My overflowing inbox was becoming a source of stress that I’d miss out or forget to follow up on something important. So I researched better email habits and I’ve been attempting to embrace trying to embrace the Inbox Zero approach. I haven’t been entirely successful but it’s certainly much improved and helped my productivity.

Larissa Pickens, Owner & Creative Director of Float Design

A Mentor

What I, the founder of recently launched Continue Good, wants for Christmas is a mentor. As founders and business owners we have an abundance of exciting ideas and growth possibility, but tend to feel overwhelmed figuring out how we alone can have the time to make it happen. An equipped mentor can bring validity and connections to take tangible steps towards those goals. So what Continue Good wants for Christmas is a likeminded mentor. Might as well throw some recognition in the wishlist too because I trust this company can bring hope & joy into communities.

Mollie Lynne Beck, Founder of Continue Good

american dreamFamily Time

As a business owner, work takes up the majority of my time. There is always more that I can do to better my business – new processes to implement, paperwork to complete, or marketing ideas to try. However, during the holidays, my business takes a backseat. The most important thing on my holiday wish list this year is the gift of time. I would like the opportunity to spend more time with my family. Luckily, this is a gift that I can give myself.

Not only would this benefit me and my family, but it would also benefit my business. Taking time away to be with my loved ones allows me time to recharge. When I get back to work after some much needed time off, I am able to look at work issues with a fresh perspective. I am truly able to put out my best work. So this year, I will give myself the gift of spending time with my family, benefiting myself, my family, and my business.

Sacha Ferrandi, Founder & Head Principal of Source Capital Funding, Inc.

An iPhone X

All I want for Christmas is an iPhone X. No I don’t really need it to run my business, and yes I know there will be a few issues that crop up as there always are with first releases, but it would just be nice to have. The latest Samsung update introduced (or at least highlighted) split screen mode which is a must have feature for me now.

Stephen Gibson, Founder of

Improved Leadership Skills

My main work related wish is to learn how to become a better leader. Any help in terms of a course/mentorship or even a book would be a deeply appreciated gift for me. Having turned into a business owner from being a specialist, I lack leadership skills. While I didn’t think too much of soft skills as an employee, I have come to realise their importance after finding myself constantly battling with various HR and other people-management related issues.

Paul Koger, Head Trader & Founder of Foxy Trades LLC

New Employees

As an 8 year old business owner and published author, I wish I could have had a personal assistant and a baker-helper to help me with the demands of my cupcake business. I could have done 2 events in separate location on the same day. Now, I am forced to choose which one to attend. As a published author I constantly have book signing and appearances, a personal assistant could have helped with my social media. The personal assistant could have done delivery so I could have work on management more. The personal assistant could have also help with dropping me off places since I can’t drive yet, Just 8 more years to go. That’s just my little wishful thinking. Santa, can I please have these wonderful people for Christmas?

Delphine Nephtalie Dauphin, Owner/Baker/Kid-trepreneur at Joy’s Yummy Cupcakes by Delphine

International Travel

My holiday wishlist includes international travel. I enjoy globe-trotting and experiencing different sights and sounds. Travel is also a big part of our brand, Res Ipsa, so I embody the company slogan — our brand is travel. Next year, I hope to visit five or more countries, experience new cultures, and continue to grow our company.

Odini Gogo, Co-Founder of Res Ipsa

What’s on your business wish list this year? What are you gifting to the business owner in your life this holiday season? Sound off in the comments!

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