11 Actionable LinkedIn Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Small Business

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We all know about the networking perks of LinkedIn. Whether trying to rub elbows with thought leaders or get our foot in the door at a potential place of business, we have all thought to use LinkedIn to our entrepreneurial advantage. However, have you ever pondered the potential of the networking platform when it comes to marketing your business? 

Trust us when we say: LinkedIn can be quite a lucrative endeavor in scoring qualified leads. 

With that said, because we care, we’re going to share 11 actionable LinkedIn marketing ideas to boost your small business. 

So without further ado, let’s start counting down!

1) Get Your Employees Involved

LinkedIn is all about making connections right? So why not use the connections you and your employees have already made?

Ask your faithful employees to create LinkedIn accounts, if they don’t already have one. Then, make sure they add the business to their profiles, and start liking and commenting on all posts. Their involvement will prove to be extremely useful, especially when first starting out. Ask them to share your posts with their connections too! You may be able to score some new leads this way. 

Thanks to your employees’ engagement with your business on LinkedIn, individuals outside of your organization may stumble upon your page, see the number of follows, comments, shares (and so on and so forth) that you have, and check you out for themselves. 

Additionally, encourage your employees to participate in LinkedIn groups! We are going to talk a whole lot more about groups later on, but your employees should definitely try joining groups and sharing your content. This works especially well if your employees are authorities in their field. If they are trusted individuals in their respective groups, other members will trust their judgment when sharing your content and lauding your business.

Make sense?

We hope so. 

Out of all the LinkedIn marketing ideas on our list, getting your employees involved should be step number one. Once you have a firm foundation to build on, then you can start focusing on growing your audience and reaping those leads and conversions.

2) Match Your Audience

Have you heard of LinkedIn Ads? Just like Facebook and Instagram ads, Linkedin provides businesses with tools that they can use to create sponsored content or send targeted messages (more on this later in the InMail section). Also included in these tools is the ability to match your audiences. 

LinkedIn’s Match Audiences tool allows you to retarget the visitors that are already in your sales funnel.  In other words, when a user visits your website, that third-party integrated data can be used to create new ads for them when visiting LinkedIn. 

Pretty intuitive, right?

You will be able to upload the contact information of your  potential customers (who’s already in your sales funnel) to best advertise to them. So if you know a prospect’s email, you can effectively target them with LinkedIn ads 

Clearly, the retargeting abilities of LinkedIn’s Match Audiences tool are super useful. This is especially apparent, considering that a large percentage of your website’s visitors aren’t going to convert on their first visit. However, after they visit your website for the first time, you will be able to stealthily lure them further down the funnel with LinkedIn.

We know what you’re thinking: “how can you be sure that this LinkedIn marketing idea will actually work?”

We implore you to think about it. Who uses LinkedIn?

. . . 

Do you have an answer? If you’re thinking “eager college students,” yes you’re technically right. But the answer we are looking for is “professionals.”

Everyone on LinkedIn is a professional of some kind. They join the platform in an effort to network with other professionals. Do you see where we’re going with this?

Unlike Facebook and Instagram which are flooded with various profiles, you know your audience (for the most part): professionals. 

You have a good idea of who you’re marketing to which can help steer the ship when retargeting prospects or creating content. 

Doesn’t LinkedIn’s Match Audiences feature sound like one of the best LinkedIn marketing ideas ever?

Definitely use it.

LinkedIn Marketing3) Engage Your Audience

Now you’re using our LinkedIn marketing ideas to match your audience. Great job! Next, it’s time to engage with them. 

This doesn’t just mean liking, sharing, and commenting on your connections’ content. On top of all of that, you need to create posts that spark conversation. You want your audience to start talking to each other about your products and services. Ignite interest in your brand while you demonstrate an interest in your customers. 

Are you following? Let’s explore this some more.

As a business owner on LinkedIn, you don’t want to appear so salesy. Remember the LinkedIn marketing ideas we just discussed? Everyone on LinkedIn is a professional, meaning that they will definitely know better when you start trying to directly sell your products or services through your posts.

With that said, start a conversation, not a sales pitch. 

Get people talking, ask them questions, and provide the answers. From sharing interesting articles to pondering thought-provoking questions, there are countless participatory posts you can make. In fact, you can even create a poll to promote engagement. 

For instance, let’s say you run a hardware store. You could ask your conversion-quality connections: “We’re interested: which tool can’t you live without?” Users would respond with their favorite tools, which could lead to a conversation about how you sell that tool (and for a good price).

Clearly, it’s not that cut and dry, but you get the point. Start a conversation, get to know your connections, and then start making conversions.

4) Join Groups

We touched on this LinkedIn marketing idea before, but definitely join groups! LinkedIn groups are subcommunities designed to allow people with shared interests or industries to interact exclusively with each other.

You heard that right. You will be able to post into a pre-approved pool of qualified leads.

If you make sure to join groups that are relevant to your target demographic, you will be able to listen in on what your audience is talking about. Additionally, you can use your authority in the space to share ideas, advice, and start building relationships.

The best part is that there is no limit to the amount of LinkedIn groups you can join! 

5) Create a Group

You can also create a group of your own. Let’s say your industry serves a niche market that may not have its own LinkedIn group yet. Start your own group and watch the leads begin to generate!

Alright, it’s not quite that easy, but it sure is one of our most organic LinkedIn marketing ideas. Provide a curated community for a group of like-minded individuals who just so happen to be in need of your products or services. 

They’ll join because they’re interested. 

From there, you can feed them meaningful content as an authority, not a salesperson. 

Then they’ll stay because they trust you as a leader in your industry.

Got it? Good.

6) Regularly Update Images

Users like fresh, new content. With that in mind, make sure to regularly update the images on your profile. This may be one of the easiest LinkedIn marketing ideas to tackle.

Remember what else customers crave? Consistency. 

If you updated your profile picture on Facebook, update it on LinkedIn too! Brand imagery should be consistent across your website and social media platforms.

Having two conflicting brand images may confuse your audience. Always try to keep all your forward-facing images consistent, especially when you update them. This also demonstrates to potential leads that your business is active and always keeping up to date.

Yes, creating content is extremely important (more on this in the next section), however, maintaining content is equally as important.

Additionally, the images you use or post can make a difference.

For instance, if you use an unimaginative stock photo as your cover photo for your LinkedIn profile, it may suggest to users that you don’t put a lot of care into the presentation of your business. 

On the other hand, if your cover photo is original, includes your branding, or maybe even some team members, your business will appear more personal and unique.

It’s remarkably simple but not using quality images could effectively cost you leads.

For this reason, make sure to stay on top of your images.

7) Post Meaningful and Actionable Content

Don’t skimp on content! In the previous LinkedIn marketing ideas we explored, we’ve touched on content and how it needs to be consistent and maintained. However, it also needs to be meaningful and actionable. 

Let’s take a look.

Remember who we’re dealing with: professionals. That’s your audience. 

Do you think professionals are interested in reading posts about the cutest dog breeds on LinkedIn? Probably not. 

The content you share and post on LinkedIn needs to be meaningful to your audience. Whether you’re starting a conversation about a product, service, or relevant idea, it is integral that you post content that your customers will care about. 

It’s simple: if they don’t care, then they won’t convert.

So make them care. And once they care about your content, you can pull them in to take action. 

This can effectively be applied in a LinkedIn group.

For example, let’s say you’re in the nutrition space. As the holidays are approaching, you post a timely question in your group, asking users to share their seasonal cheat meals. This post gets people talking.

Then, it’s time to act on this engagement. Post about the shared cheat meals, citing how difficult it is to keep eating healthy during the holidays. Share the link to your helpful guide all about the subject. Use a captivating headline and original image.

As a result, your connections will start reading your content and descend lower into your sales funnel. You’ll get them hooked and craving more of your authoritative content in one fell swoop.

That’s what we call successful and effective content!

8) Use Keywords

Just like blog posts, using keywords can help boost your LinkedIn profile. This may be one of the LinkedIn marketing ideas you have never thought of before.

When building our profile, did you put keywords in your “About Us” section? 

No? Well, then you should definitely do so now!

Incorporating keywords and phrases that your potential customers might use to search for your products or services will help your page to gain visibility. So in the “About Us” section, use relevant keywords when describing your organization.

With keywords come links. Be sure to include those too! Link from your LinkedIn page to your website. Also, make sure your website link is featured on both your personal, and your employee’s personal pages if possible. These links will point potential customers in the right direction to ultimately convert. 

9) Research The Competition

When trying all of these LinkedIn marketing ideas, you need to keep one thing in mind: your competition. In other words, if your competitors are killing it on Linkedin, then you need to step up your game.

It is extremely valuable to keep a watchful eye on other organizations in your space. See what kind of content they are posting and how often. You’ll be able to discover how much engagement they are receiving, what’s working and not working for them.

We recommend implementing a weekly research plan. Set aside an hour or two a week to investigate what your competitors and create an action plan according to that data.

For example, if during your research you find that your competitors are posting three times a week in the afternoon and receiving a lot of engagement compared to your posting twice a week in the morning, you may want to make a note to post more frequently and later in the day.

The best part of researching the competition is being able to apply what you’ve learned to your own business. This will give you an edge over the competition, correcting their mistakes and providing patrons with a better experience.

Moral of the story: if you’re unsure what kind of images to use, copy to write, and content to post, just check out what your competitors are doing.

 And most importantly, if you’re currently not utilizing LinkedIn marketing ideas while your competition is, start now.

10) Be Unconventional

To stand out in such a saturated platform of professionals, organizations, and businesses, you need more than just actionable LinkedIn marketing ideas. You need to be unconventional.

All you need to do is stand out in the sea of similar companies and connections. 

This doesn’t mean creating publicity stunts to boost your brand awareness. Instead, cultivate unconventional content and strategy to best entice potential customers.

There aren’t any guides, tools, or data to show you step-by-step how to be unconventional. Because if there was, and you followed it like scores of others, then you wouldn’t be too unconventional, would you?

Instead, we have examples. 

Imagine if one company followed the status-quo while another flipped conventionality on its head. Who do you think would garner more business?

Disclaimer: Yes, being unconventional just for the sake of being unconventional won’t do much in terms of long-term success. 

However, as long as there’s the brainpower behind your atypical measures and smart strategy, you may be on the road to success.

For example, let’s say you own a photography studio. Your competitors are posting all the classic wedding poses and pictures. Bridal party portraits, dazzling detail shots – they have it all.

People love the classic and traditional wedding photos; however, posting them wouldn’t create much of a stir or stand out. With that said, you choose to take those classic shots for your couple (because of course, they want those done) but you also spend some time collecting truly creative captures.

You alter the framing, snap unconventional candids, and even add some double exposure. These are the images you choose to post on your social media platforms (including LinkedIn!).

Before you know it, users will be liking, sharing, and engaging with your business all because you posted something new and unique into their feeds.

Side note: you may also score some potential employees thanks to LinkedIn’s collection of creative professionals. Perhaps an accomplished avant-garde photographer notices your images and thinks she would be a perfect fit for your team?

The opportunities are endless when you and your business become unconventional.

Any questions? Unconventional thinking can also apply to every other LinkedIn marketing idea on our list. 

Follow the rules, then bend them for brand supremacy. 

Too much? Let’s move on to our final topic.

11) Send InMail

You made it! The final, most lucrative LinkedIn Marketing Idea on our list is to use and send InMail.

Let us explain.

InMail is a paid feature. So if you’re interested in taking advantage of all of its features, then you need to be willing to pay the piper. However, it’s not too expensive when you consider the amount of engagement and leads you’ll receive.

Let’s get to the point: InMail allows you to directly message anyone on LinkedIn.

That’s right, anyone.

All the connections you’ve made and relationships you’ve developed in groups can be leveraged into a more personal format thanks to this feature. This will prove to be quite effective, as InMail response rates are 3x higher than traditional email.

Reaching out to prospects and influencers with personalized mail while promoting your products and services has never been easier. Send out your new content and any offers you’re running to specific recipients.

InMail even allows you to access built-in analytics. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to gain important insight on how your messages are performing. Then you can steer the rest of your LinkedIn marketing ideas accordingly.

See how incredible InMail can be? We definitely recommend taking advantage of this paid program.

LinkedIn for Small BusinessTurn Your LinkedIn Marketing Ideas Into A Reality

Whew! And that is  all of our 11 Linkedin marketing ideas to boost your small business.

How do you feel? Inspired? Out of breath? Overwhelmed?

Trying to effectively use social media for your business in addition to the countless other responsibilities you have as a business owner can be a lot. For this reason, many business owners may let social media fall to the wayside, especially LinkedIn.

So if you’re too busy or not very confident in your marketing methods, we suggest you share the workload with a team of social media masters. 


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