How Facebook Silent Videos are Shaping Consumer Behavior


Every day, 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook – and nearly 85% of these videos are silent.

No, I’m not kidding either.

Facebook has not only become the dominant social media platform, but also a (silent) video giant.  Here, we are delving into the impact of silent videos on consumer behavior and just how brands are capitalizing on this new trend on Facebook.

Silence is Golden

This wave of silent videos is no accident, but a very deliberate result of Facebook’s new video system.  This formatting allows for silent autoplay and counts the video as “viewed” after three seconds of play.  As a result of this new format, content creators, marketers and advertisers all over the world have adapted to the silent restraints of Facebook, fighting for consumer’s attention.

They also happen to be excelling in this new medium.  Even the most diversified businesses are finding success with the Facebook silent videos phenomenon, such as tech news outlet NowThis Future and feel-good website Little Things.  Both companies post videos about 30 seconds in length that are about 85% silent, and they have amassed an average of about 150 million monthly Facebook views.

Producing the Best Silent Videos

After spending time online browsing through Facebook silent videos, a pattern begins to emerge among the truly exceptional ones: each video has unique and striking images with copy prominently featured in the video.  With so many Facebook users scrolling through their news feeds with the volume off, the most successful videos are able to tell the full story without requiring them to put their sound on.  News outlet Mic does this well:


These are the most prominent elements of Mic’s video:

  1. Compelling, concise copy prominently featured in the video
  2. Almost no sound throughout the video (excluding light music for those who expand the video)
  3. Powerful imagery supporting the copy outlined in the video

Putting these elements together creates a compelling piece of content, giving you more brand visibility and personality.

So Why Should You Care?

That’s the real question, isn’t it?  To answer it simply: your engagement will skyrocket.  A recent study of over 16 million social media posts by Buffer has shown brand engagement (shares, likes, clicks) via video on Facebook is the best way to engage your current and potential customers while building brand awareness by more than double any other form of content.  Going even further, Twitter falls short in every aspect when compared to Facebook.  This chart from Buffer illustrates this point:

Facebook silent videos

As Luck Would Have It

Believe it or not, although Facebook videos get three times more engagement than any other kind of content, A study done by Buffer found only 1% of content posted by brands are videos, with the remaining 99% being divided up between links and photos.

Facebook silent videoWith so few brands posting video content, it leaves the door wide open for you to use this medium before other brands catch on and saturate everyone’s news feed (which would ultimately drive down consumer interaction).  Now is certainly the time for your business to begin experimenting with Facebook videos.

But What Does it Mean?

Any social media specialist worth their salt tailors content specifically to each social media outlet.  For Facebook, its mapping its algorithms and user trends and interests.  Add some videos optimized for silent views and you can make your content even more effective and compelling.

The biggest takeaway from these observations, however, is far more broad.  Consumer behavior has – and always will – drive marketing and its tactics.  Today, silent videos are outpacing any other form of content on social media in terms of interaction, and by 2017, 75% of all internet traffic will be video-driven.  The focus is shifting inevitable to a video platform, and thus the marketing strategies must follow suite.

“If you can make something compelling without needing people to turn the radio on, you’re ahead of people who are not thinking that way,” says Rye Clifton, director of experience at GSD&M.

Do you want to create compelling, concise videos with powerful images but you’re not a video editing guru?  Let Creative Click Media handle your video production needs for social media and digital marketing.  Creative Click Media specializes in a wide variety of videos including animation and videos optimized for silent viewing.  Feel free to check out our portfolio or contact us to schedule a consultation.  Here at Creative Click Media, we want to help you with what matters: growing your business.


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