5 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting an Email Marketing Campaign

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Email marketing allows business owners to communicate directly with their audience and build a valuable subscriber list, all while providing a higher ROI than social media, direct mail, and traditional marketing.  However, getting started on your first email marketing campaign is not always a walk in the park without the proper know-how — or the proper know-why — of email campaigns in the first place.  If you’re ready to make the jump into the world of email marketing, here are some questions to ask yourself before you hit that send button:

1) Who is My Target Audience?

email marketingBefore you send out any email, know who you are trying to reach.  Whether it be past customers, potential customers, current customers, or just people who like what you do, knowing who you are writing for will dictate the tone and language of your emails.  It will also help you dictate the timing of your emails – for example, an email targeted at business owners should be sent during peak commute times (ie – early morning), but an email targeted at consumers might be better suited at night for late-night shoppers.



2) What Should I Write About?

email marketingRealistically, there is no right answer – your emails should cover anything you want your audience to know about.  Because there are so many different types of small businesses and so many styles of email marketing, there is no “one size fits all” guide to creating an email campaign.  However, whatever you write about should ultimately have a goal, and end with a call-to-action that will help you measure the success of that email.  Some common goals for small businesses using email marketing include:

  • Selling a product
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Building relationships with your clientele
  • Generating interest in an event
  • Increasing your number of subscribers



3) How Often Should I Send Emails?

calendarclipart-blackwhiteJust about everyone has that one business that floods their inbox with constant emails, so often that they end up going right in the trash folder.  However, there is a fine balance between sending out emails too frequently and sending them so sparsely that they end up getting lost in the shuffle. The frequency of your emails should align with the overall goal of your email marketing campaign.

For example, if you’re using email marketing to send out a company newsletter, you would probably be better off limiting it to one monthly all-encompassing email.  If you’re using email marketing to share blogs from your website, you might opt for one email per week so your audience can catch up on their reading in smaller pieces.  If you’re using email marketing to promote a sale or special promotion, you might want to up the frequency and send emails every few days until the sale ends.


4) Is My Email Mobile-Friendly?

mobileclipart-blackwhiteDid you know that approximately 53% of all emails are accessed via tablet or smartphone?  With a number this staggering, it’s absolutely crucial that your emails are formatted to be responsive and easy to read on a mobile device.

Because emails are being read on a much smaller screen, keep your content compact – that means a subject line that is to the point and copy that is brief.  Also, be sure to think both vertically and horizontally.  Mobile devices are distinctly different from desktops because they tilt, so make sure that your email still renders correctly no matter how it is viewed. Email marketing services such as MailChimp allow you to preview emails from desktop to mobile so you know exactly how they will appear on any device.


5) Would I Read This Email?

emailclipart-blackwhiteIf you wouldn’t read your own email, why would anyone else?  Outside of your own business, you are probably on several other companies’ mailing lists, so think about what makes those emails click-worthy to you. Since your email marketing campaign is crafted with a goal in mind, it’s important to view it from your audience’s perspective.  When creating your own emails, consider these follow-up questions:


  • Does the subject line stand out?
  • Is the subject matter relevant to me?
  • Does the imagery make sense?
  • Is the copy easy to read?
  • Does it explain what’s in it for me?


If you can answer all of these points, congratulations!  You’re well on your way to creating a successful email campaign.  However, if you think you could use a little extra help with your email marketing campaign, Creative Click Media is at your service.  We offer full email marketing services to help you create an engaging, branded, and lead-generating marketing campaign in no time.  Contact us today to see how we can work with you, and check out our Email Marketing Best Practices eBook for more information.

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