5 Reasons to Use Business Explainer Videos


Business Explainer Videos have achieved a good amount of success and popularity because they use their visual appeal to create higher conversion rates for website owners.  When compared to regular text content or info-graphics it is no doubt that Business Explainer Videos enhance your brand reputation online while also increasing visibility and sales.

But to top it off we will go into the top 5 benefits of using business explainer videos

1) SEO Advantage

Experts and and SEO specialists have confirmed that its much easier to rank in a video than it is to rank a regular website. Along with that video content is 53 times more likely to be found in Google and ranked on the front page compared to static content text.

In order to rank a video, its important to use all the appropriate titles, meta description and raw file names when you upload your business explainer videos.

2) Increase in conversion rates and lower bounce rates from your website

Business Explainer Videos help lower your bounce rate by having the audience stay on your website longer. More importantly, they help potential customers to better understand your product or service clearly and quickly.

By using  business explainer videos you increase your interaction rate with the visitor, who is more likely to convert into a potential client.

3) Social Media and Sharing

Without a doubt its so much easier to share your Business Explainer Videos on social networks like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo and this in the long run will bring about social signals to your website, which are profitable and considered a backlink in today’s SEO standard.

4) Creating a good bond!

Business Explainer Videos  are really a must for any business today, as they have the ability to grab consumers attention very quickly and also be able to pass a message to increase and boost sales. Business Explainer Videos tell a quick story, that reveal your brands personality and much more, which all in all help you convert that leads to customers.

5) Costs

Live video production not only costs way more than Animated Business Explainer Videos, but they just don’t provide the conversion ratios you need to grow your business.

These are just some of the reasons why Business Explainer Videos are a great business investment.

If you agree with us, please go ahead and check out some of our Business Explainer Videos on YouTube. We look forward to working with you!

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    Movie Motion

    Hello Adam !! Animated explainer videos is the great method to tell about business and products. It is better to see a video then reading a long article about any product.

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      Adam Binder

      I agree that for most people an animated video makes it easier to explain a service or product. Thanks for stopping by!

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