50 Tweetable Business Resolutions for 2020

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The second wave of the Roaring Twenties is here, and these business owners are kicking off 2020 with anything but a whimper.

The start of a new year holds a great deal of symbolism in the business world. For some it symbolizes a fresh start, leaving the trials and tribulations of the previous year behind to focus on what’s ahead with a clear mind. For others it symbolizes a green light, signaling your team to kick it into high gear in order to achieve your company goals over the coming 365 days.

No matter what the new year means to you and your business, the best way to welcome 2020 productively is with a new year’s resolution to set the pace for your personal and professional growth. Still haven’t picked your resolution yet? Find inspiration from these 50 New Year’s resolutions from top talent around the world – all equipped with easy click-to-tweet functionality.

–Nick Galov, Co-Founder of Review42

–Pratibha Vuppuluri, Chief Blogger at She Started It!

–Chloe Brittain, Owner of Opal Transcription Services

–Darko Jacimovic, Co-Founder of whattobecome.com

–Rex Cauldwell, Author at Tankless.Review


–David Waring, CEO of FitSmallBusiness.com

–Raj Vardhman, Co-Founder of goremotely.net

–Nate Masterson, CEO of Maple Holistics

–Abhi Lokesh, CEO of Fracture

–Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation.com

–Liz Brown, Founder of Sleeping Lucid

–Noah Nordheimer, CEO of All Points North Lodge

–Dale Johnson, Co-Founder of Nomad Paradise

–Jeff Rose, CFP and CEO of Good Financial Cents

–Nikola Roza, CEO and Owner of Nikola Roza- SEO for the Poor and Determined

–Matt Edstrom, CMO of GoodLife Home Loans

–Karmel Larson, Founder & CEO of Momni

–Joshua Hastings, Founder of Money Life Wax

–Carla Williams Johnson, Media Marketing Specialist at Carli Communications

–Khris Steven, Owner and Content Editor at Khrisdigital

–Jennifer Johnson, Communications and Public Relations Consultant at jentimecity.com

–David Reischer, Esq., Real Estate Attorney & CEO of LegalAdvice.com

–Jacqueline Pirtle, Owner of FreakyHealer

–Dmytro Okunyev, Founder of Chanty

–Michael Alexis, Owner of Team Building Hero

–Nick Gray, Owner of The Great Guac Off

–Tasia Duske, Owner of Museum Hack

–Tim Brown, Owner of Hook Agency

–Viktor Viktorov, CEO and Co-Founder of REINNO


–Jenny Mae S. Talaver, Blogger and Manager of Zero Waste Lifestyle System

–Ronald D’souza, Digital Marketing Manager at Angel Jackets

–Samantha Odo, COO-cum-Sales Representative at Precondo.ca

–Daria Dmytrenko, COO of Ignation.me

–Melissa Picoli Philips, President of Skin and Sky Intelligent Beauty

–Tyler Sellers, Certified Trainer & CEO-cum-Editor-in-Chief at Total Shape

–Loren Howard, Prime Plus Mortgages

–Carrie Pasquarello, CEO & Co-Founder of Global Secure Resources Inc.

–Anna Grunduls, Illustrator & Owner of Anna Grunduls Design

–Jessica Chase, Sales & Marketing Manager at Premier Title Loans

–Nicolle Harwood-Nash, Writer – The Workout Digest

–Nita Sweeney, award-winning author of Depression Hates a Moving Target

–Christian Antonoff, Marketing and PR Manager at ExcelTemplate.Net

–Anne Keery, Owner of Unique Gifter

–Ciara Hautau, Lead Digital Marketing Strategist at Fueled

–CJ Xia, VP of Marketing & Sales at Boster Biological Technology

–Tim Uittenbroek, Founder of VPNMash.com

–Caroline, Owner of The CAROLINE Collection

–Aqsa Tabassam, Senior Growth Marketer at Brandnic.com

–Rafid Nassir, Senior Life & Fitness Coach at Veganliftz

Happy 2020!

On behalf of the entire Creative Click Media team, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! Which tweetable business resolution are you making as we head into 2020? Share yours in the comments!

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