How Animated Videos Help Create the Best Nonprofit Websites

Beverley Farrell

The best nonprofit websites are always looking for new ways to reach out and let people know what they are all about. They are always trying to gain new supporters and convert them into donors, either by giving their time or by contributing financially. To be one of the best nonprofit websites, you need to have new and exciting features to keep your audience entertained. Many nonprofits are beginning to see the value and benefits of creating an animated video.

Videos are Important for Nonprofit Website Design

The goal of your nonprofit website is to reach more supporters and raise awareness as quickly as possible. To achieve this and generate as many clicks as possible, the best nonprofit websites often create an online world full of inspiring content. Unfortunately as with any other type of website, you have an extremely short period of time to grab the visitor’s attention. You might catch their eye with the images meant to enhance your content, but most of it will never get read. An explainer video will probably be a much more effective tool for your nonprofit website.

Add an Explainer Video to Illustrate Your Mission

An explainer video provides the information your nonprofit website wants to share in a fun and engaging way. The video should be brief, usually between 2 to 3 minutes. It should be light and easy to watch while educating viewers about your nonprofit organization. A quick and efficient way to create a connection between the viewer and your nonprofit, explainer videos are the future of nonprofit marketing.

The Best Nonprofit Websites Get Animated

Typically, when a nonprofit sets out to make a video, they envision something more traditional using real actors. While that might work, it seems a bit reminiscent of a television commercial, which we often tend to tune out. An animated video is more apt to capture the viewer’s attention and potentially convert them into a supporter. It is exactly why so many profit generating businesses are currently using animated explainer videos. Go from good to great with some simple animation.

Keeping Visitors Engaged

The video is not meant to be a blog or a brochure. Its purpose is to identify the problem you nonprofit is trying to solve. It should show how your organization is working toward that solution and how others can help. The key is create a video no longer than 3 minutes in order to keep your audience’s attention.

Everyone who visits your nonprofit website will see this video. If the video is engaging as well as informative, the visitor will begin to click around and explore your website. By learning even more about your nonprofit, a stronger relationship is built with the visitor.

Remember Your End Goal

Creating a video is a great investment with the potential for a greater return. It will allow your nonprofit to present itself as current and relevant while helping it rank higher and be seen as one of the best nonprofit websites on search engines. But just like your other strategies, your video should have an end-goal.

This is the perfect time to ask those who viewed your video and wandered around your website to donate or subscribe to your newsletter. Most people will not donate on the first visit so be sure that your e-newsletter strategy has been done properly. Combine this with an awesome animated explainer video and you will have one of the best nonprofit websites.

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