The Small Business Benefit of Using Big Data

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Big Data Analytics Can Provide Small Businesses With the Insight and Understanding Needed to Make Superior Decisions

The ability to base decisions on information that is both accurate and up to date is often a critical concern for small businesses. Unlike larger more well-established businesses, new startups and smaller organizations often lack the finances and other resources that may be required in order to deal with a misstep or lost opportunity. Big data analytics offers businesses the means to develop a more complete profile of their customers, enhance their efforts to improve quality or internal efficiency as well as the chance spot emerging trends early enough to get in on the ground floor. The means to analyze and assess information-dense records and documents more quickly and with greater ease is fast becoming an asset that no small business can afford to be without.

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Developing a Better Understanding Of Customers and Clients

From building and maintaining more positive customer relationships to ensuring that marketing efforts are able to target the right demographic, developing a better understanding of customers and clients can make quite a difference. The information needed to create a more detailed and accurate customer profile may prove impossible to analyze for those who lack the right resources. Software applications and third-party service providers that specialize in big data analytics can provide small businesses with the assistance they need in order to develop and maintain superior customer profiles.


Quality Improvement Efforts

Improving the quality of manufactured goods and even the services that clients will be provided with is never an issue that should be taken lightly. Comprehensive and in-depth data analysis is often essential for determining the effectiveness or impact of any quality improvement efforts that may be implemented. From service providers to manufacturers, possessing the right insight makes it possible to fine-tune quality improvement efforts in order to enhance internal efficiency, eliminate potential obstacles and ensure that customer or client satisfaction is less likely to become an issue in the days ahead.


Early Identification of Major Consumer and Industry Trends

Small businesses stand to benefit enormously by identifying major customer or consumer trends as early as possible. From short-term consumer fads to revolutionary technologies that have the potential to change the way people conduct business, being one step ahead of the latest trend can be a priceless advantage in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Big data analytics may be used in order to analyze patterns and spot trends across an entire industry or within the smallest local and niche markets. Small businesses would be wise to invest in any resources that may provide them with the opportunity to identify shifting consumer habits and emerging market trends as early as possible.


Utilizing Real-time Analytics

Even the most detailed report and comprehensive analysis may be of limited use should it contain information that is out of date. Resources like Apache Kafka can minimize delays that may be potentially costly. The ability to provide detailed reporting and comprehensive analysis in real-time can be invaluable when dealing with financial markets, generating short and long-term forecasts based on current information, or any other situation where data may fluctuate rapidly from one moment to the next.

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Future Trends in Big Data

The falling cost of both processing power and digital memory storage means that more data can be generated and stored than ever before. Businesses that have access to stream processing solutions and other resources needed to utilize this information will be able to obtain greater insight regarding their customers, the latest trends shaping the market as well as the effectiveness of their internal quality improvement efforts. As more and more information becomes available with each passing year, the future of big data continues to be a concern that no small business can afford to overlook.


This guest post was contributed by Lindsey Patterson, a freelance writer & entrepreneur.

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