New Year’s Resolutions for Business: 2018 Edition

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Welcome to 2018!

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on your business’ successes, as well as look ahead towards how you envision your company developing over the next 12 months. If you’re still looking for the perfect business new year’s resolution to set your company on the right path for 2018, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

For our 4th annual roundup of business new year’s resolutions, we asked 75 entrepreneurs to share their professional goals and personal commitments for the coming year. How many of these resolutions will you apply to your business in 2018?

Steve Silberberg, Founder of Fitpacking Weight Loss Backpacking Adventures

Shel Horowitz, Transformpreneur  at

Ashley Mason, Social Media Consultant at Dash of Social

Yvonne Browne Owner and Manager of Bijou Beauty Salon

Wesley Farnsworth, Owner/Photographer at ADMIT Photography

Fiona Adler, Founder of

Chris Brantner, Founder of

Joshua Feinberg, Chief Thought Leader, Vice President, and Co-Founder of SP Home Run Inc.

Sophie Knowles, Founder & CEO of PDF Pro

Danielle Kunkle Roberts, Vice President of Boomer Benefits

Kerry Wekelo, Managing Director Human Resources and Operations at Actualize Consulting

David Blacker, Co-­Founder of

Paul Ormerod, Director of Nisbets Australia

Sherry Holub, Creative Director at JV Media Design

Deborah Sweeney, CEO of

Matt Bentley, Founder of CanIRank SEO Software

Chris White, CEO of Shinesty

Gisela Bouvier, MBA, RDN, LDN, Owner of B Nutrition and Wellness

Bamigboye Daniel, Digital Marketer at Firebrick Digital

Christine Nietzke, Founder of Rainfall Consulting

Harrison Doan, Director of Analytics at Saatva

Charles Dugan, Owner & President of American Image Displays

Dasha Moore, Chief Operating Officer and Founder of Solodev

Earl Choate, CEO of Concrete Camouflage

Lori Lite, Founder of Stress Free Kids, author, social media influencer

Ralph Katz, Principal & Founder of CooperKatz & Co.

Anne Green, President & CEO of CooperKatz & Co.

Joe Goldstein, Lead SEO & Operations Manager at Contractor Calls

Kenneth L. Kunkle, Kunkle Law PLC

Chris Van Patten, Owner and Creative Director of Tomodomo

Phyllis Zimbler Miller, Content Marketing Strategist at Miller Mosaic

Steven Benson, Founder and CEO of Badger Maps

Sydney Liu, Co-Founder of Commaful

Emmi Buck, Director of Communications at Essential Oxygen

Brandon Chopp, Digital Marketing Strategist at iHeartRaves

Cody Clifton, Director of Ecommerce for Wholesale Lanyards

Kristen Fusaro-Pizzo, Owner & Founder of Bath, Body, Candle Moments

Rod Brown, COO of OnceLogix

Ludovic Huraux, CEO and Co-Founder of Shapr

Melissa Slawsky, CEO & Business Strategist at Brainiac Bundles

Julia Nickerson, Food Blogger at Savory Tooth

Jason Stokes, CEO of East Side Co.

Zondra Wilson, Founder of Blu Skin Care, LLLC

Ruth Kudzi, Business & Success Coach

Chenell Tull, Owner of Conversion Owl Marketing

Lisa Pinnell, Founder of Binxy Baby

Ashley René Casey, Owner of Be Bold and Speak

Zach Schlosser, Founder of The School for the Future


Melissa St. Clair, Owner of Paper Chaser

Ayat Shukairy, Co-Founder of Invesp

Michael Mehlberg, Co-Founder of Modern da Vinci

Jennifer Davis, Leadership Coach and Founder of Jennifer Davis Coaching

Brian Sooy, President of Aespire Branding + Communications

Luke Lynam, Director & Head of Marketing at Haystack Digital

Rich Johnson, Founder & Co-CEO at Ignite

Ryan Jeffery, Founder & Co-CEO at Ignite

Nick Gray, Founder & CEO of Museum Hack

Vid Lamonte’ Buggs Jr., Founder/Owner of VLB/VBJ Enterprises and 4-U-Nique Publishing

Tasha Holland-Kornegay,

Zach Hendrix, Co-Founder of GreenPal

Christopher Lee, PurposeRedeemed


Julia Carter, FriendFund

Janet Ruth Heller, Ph.D., Janet Ruth Heller Books

James Green, Founder & CEO of Home By Home

Sean Douglas, U.S. Air Force Veteran, Inspirational Speaker, Master Resilience Trainer, Performance Enhancement Expert, International Radio Show Host, & Author at

Nate Masterson, Marketing Manager for Maple Holistics

Nick Thorsch, Internet Marketing Managers

Raymond DePaola, Certified Master Life Coach at Sunrise Journeys Life Coaching

Jeff Moriarty, Marketing & Website Development at Mothers Family Rings

Paul Koger, Head Trader & Founder at Foxy Trades LLC

Sas Terani, Brand Manager for Terani Couture

Antony Vitillo, AR/VR Startupper & Owner of The Ghost Howls

Betty Galligan, President/Founder of Newberry PR & Marketing

Rachel Montañez, Career Expert & Founder of Sleep 10:2

Adam Binder, Founder of Creative Click Media and Apeiron

Wishing you a productive, prosperous and successful 2018! Didn’t see your New Year’s resolution on the list? Leave it in the comments!

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