Checklist: 7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business

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Have you ever thought about just how many components make up the fabric of your business? From the system you use for client communication to the images you choose for promotional graphics and even the time you decide to schedule your content, there is an innumerable amount of elements that could make or break your business’ success – and spring cleaning is the perfect time to sift through every one with a fine-tooth comb. Spring cleaning is all about reflecting on your successes and shortcomings from the previous year in order to set yourself up to achieve more in the months ahead. We’ve already created a checklist of 10 ways to spring clean your website, but we’re taking it a step further by looking at how to spring clean your business processes, organization and marketing strategy as a whole.

☑ Revisit Your Business Goals

A great deal can change over the course of a year, and your previous vision for your company’s growth may no longer reflect the direction your company is heading in now. With this in mind, set aside time during spring cleaning to revisit your business goals. Which of your goals have you accomplished in the last year? Which of your goals are you still working towards, and which are no longer relevant?

In addition to circling back on old goals, use this time to establish new goals. Make sure each goal you set is SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Simply setting SMART goals isn’t enough either – they must also be clearly communicated to each member of your team so they know their part in working towards a common objective.

☑ Review Your Processes

Every facet of your business has a process, from mundane work like screening emails to critical endeavors like managing finances. No matter how big or small the task at hand might be, it’s important to always ask yourself “Is there a better way to do this?”

Think about the current processes you know are in need of some improvement, and ask your team about issue areas you might not know exist. Then dedicate time towards creating a strategy for improvement together. The same goes for external processes as well – if something isn’t working with the way your company communicates with clients or outside agencies, use spring cleaning as the time to work out any necessary adjustments. 

☑ Organize Your Chaos

There is a very fine line between “organized chaos” and just “chaos.” A little clutter here and there is no big deal, but once you start losing important documents, it might be time to spring clean your office.

Organizing your chaos refers to both a physical and digital de-cluttering of your workspace. Simply clearing off your desk and emptying out your storage spaces promotes positive mental health and a productive work environment. Remember to de-clutter your computer as well, by moving important files to a dedicated folder for safekeeping and deleting old documents that are taking up space.

spring cleaning your business☑ Update Your Documents

Think about every templated document that leaves your office: invoices, proposals, contracts and so on. When you get yourself into a routine of sending easily replicated documents to each client, it’s understandable that routine updates might slip through the cracks.

Spring clean your documents by making sure all of your language, pricing and dates are current. Even if the copy itself is still up-to-date, they might also benefit from new graphics or an updated layout to keep from looking stale. Potential clients will be impressed by your professionalism, and current clients will appreciate the modernized look.

☑ Refresh Your Social Media

Just like your documents could use some cleaning up from time to time, your social media accounts could benefit from a refresh as well. A sizeable portion of your audience base may have found your company on social media, so it’s important that you make a memorable first impression.

While you’re spring cleaning your social media accounts, make sure your company logo, bio, phone number and website links are all current. You may also want to consider updating your graphic designs, especially if you’ve been using the same templates for over a year. Design trends can come and go quickly, so it’s worth it to put in the time to create fresh, new graphics that are eye-catching and reflective of your brand identity.

spring cleaning social media☑ Check On Your Competitors

Sometimes the greatest source of inspiration comes from a bit of healthy competition. Your competitors wouldn’t be competition unless they were doing something right, and it’s up to you to determine what that is and how your company can do it better.

A competitor analysis allows you to uncover exactly which strategies your competitors are using to improve their online visibility, including determining which of their SEO keywords and profitable and identifying the exact ads they are running. It also enables you to pinpoint gaps in a competitor’s strategy that you can use to reveal business opportunities for your company. Don’t think of it as copying your competition, but rather seeking out ways to use their shortcomings to bolster your own marketing efforts.

☑ Ask Your Team

Running a business extends far past the typical 9-to-5 time commitment. With so many moving parts to keep track of already, it makes sense that some of your company’s inefficiencies might slide past you unnoticed.

The best way to spring clean your business is to ask your team if there are any organizational, communicative or procedural elements they would like to see improved. Each member of your team handles a different sector of your business, so there may be a variety of diverse suggestions for how to make your office more productive and cohesive as you head into the remainder of the year.

Ready to Spring Clean Your Business?

Cleaning up your business is no quick and simple feat, but it could be the push that drives your business to success for the remainder of the year. That being said, this isn’t the type of spring cleaning you can shove into a closet to deal with later – it needs to be done right to be effective. If you have any concerns about the time commitment and experience needed to impactfully spring clean your business, consider working with a digital marketing agency (like ours!) who can handle it for you.

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