The 10 Biggest Web Design Trends of 2015 and How to Implement Them

2015 has been a big year for web design – specifically, a big year for big web design. Simplicity, multimedia and clean design are just a few of the pervasive trends spreading throughout the web design industry.

One of the huge wen design trends sprung from Google’s recent update, giving website that are responsive better search engine optimization (SEO). A recent blog post from BOP Design outlines a major problem with not having responsive design:

46% of people using mobile devices report having problems viewing a static site. A static site is a traditional, non-responsive website.

With 60 percent of internet access being mobile, it’s not a stretch to say that mobile matters. Here at Creative Click Media, we just launched our brand new website, taking into consideration several of the latest web design trends this year.

We implemented a full suite of design elements. Some of the largest are our new full video header, the fact that our website is now 100 percent responsive using a “mobile first” approach and restructured our services into a “mega menu” to keep everything neat while making it easy to add content in the future.

But most importantly – people come to your website for information, not design. If you haven’t done one in a while, it’s probably time for a full content audit to make sure any copy, facts or statistics are up to date and relevant for your target customers.

Below are some of the hottest web design trends of 2015 and how you can implement them for better website conversions, helping to grow your business online.

Big Experiences are Hot

web design trends

Right now, the trend is to make your homepage big. This seems to be one of the most important principles of web design – and was a huge part of our redesign at Creative Click Media.

As a smaller part of this trend, full video headers are becoming more popular since most computers are now able to render them. This is a trend that would have been difficult five years ago, and impossible ten years ago. Check our big new video header on our home page for an example of how you can use a video header to catch your customer’s eye.

Think Outside of the Box – Or Just Get Rid of Them

The traditional website structure of main content in the center and secondary content in sidebars is gone. Designers are thinking out of the box, and they’re doing so by getting rid of them. Having content in small structured boxes is now considered a bit messy, and not the ideal look for a website that provides and optimal user experience.

Get rid of the boxes in your website and consider implementing a longer scroll. This will not only keep people moving through your webpage, but will provide them with momentum to start clicking around your website and viewing other services or product that you provide.

Use the Mouse to Animate Elements – the Parallax Effect

One trend that is becoming more popular is the animation of your webpage as you begin to scroll. To explain this in more detail, imagine an environment in which you land on a webpage and nothing is moving. As you scroll through the webpage, different elements of the page move in order to tell your story and sell your product.

You can see small elements of this as you scroll through our social media page. As you scroll through the content, certain elements begin to animate, drawing the eye further down the page.

Flat Design is In

web design trends

Gone are the days when everything has a shadow and looks like it’s going to pop off your screen. Flat design is in this year, following a theme of simplicity and cleanliness in design. In addition, the flat design works best with big graphics on webpages, keeping things less complicated and easier to view.

The idea behind a flat design is better user experience – you want your busy customers to have the least amount of distractions when they land on your webpage.

Tile Your Photos

Big photos go along with big web pages. One popular trend is to tile your photos or information, giving the content some structure while also showcasing the graphic elements of your webpage.

Tiled photos are easy to view. They look flat and clean, and are easy to structure and organize as you add more content down the line.

Tell Stories with Animation

Telling your story with animated graphics is one of the shortest and most direct ways to get across your brand message or product messaging on your website. With the use of a whiteboard or graphic video, you can utilize the medium without ever picking up a video camera.

Check out a leading video marketing company, Viddio, for more information on how you can implement video marketing tactics on your website and drive more conversions with different internet marketing tactics.

Use Navigation Widgets

web design trends

The key to the best sort of navigation is efficiency – if a user is confused about where he or she has to go to get the information needed, you’re probably going to lose them fast.

Some of the navigation trends include the following: sticky menus, a menu that expands a relevant item’s submenu as you scroll; attaching navigation to all four corners of the screen; and street view navigation allowing you to virtually walk through a website.

Engage Your Audience with Multimedia

Multimedia has been a buzzword in both marketing and web design for years – but it’s not going anywhere. Designers are still finding new ways to implement multimedia content to better attract users and visitors to a website and grow their business.

The key to this is providing an experience in which your web visitor can physically interact with your web page. Think about how you drag and drop the web page on Google Maps as you map your route.

Integrate Google Maps

web design trends

The users of your website want to know where you are. One of the easiest and most beautiful ways to do this is to implement Google Maps with your web page, allowing your potential customers to see where you are in the world.

Check out how we’ve done this on our contact page, even branding the map style to match with the look and feel of the rest of the page.

Keep it Simple Stupid

The cardinal rule of web design in 2015 – everyone is busy so keep it simple. Users don’t have time to search for information, nor do they want to. Keeping your message and your design as clean and simple as possible will position your website for success.

If you’re looking for ideas on how you can implement these tactics on your own site, kick back and stay awhile. We’ve just launched our new website, incorporating several of the points above.

Creative Click Media is a digital marketing agency that has helped hundreds of companies achieve success on the web. To find out how we boost your online presence with a website redesign, contact us.

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