Three’s Company: Web Maintenance, Site Security, and SEO

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The internet is infamous for identity theft, fraud, and spam. To be included in the mischievous trio are cyber attacks for vulnerable websites lacking site security, poor maintenance, and lackluster SEO efforts.

Google is a leading search engine and is constantly updating its algorithm. For example, Google’s latest update Penguin was implemented to diminish spam sites and content. The formula for business success used to solely be based on staff, service/inventory, and execution, but the internet has added SEO strategies, site security, and web maintenance to that formula.


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Search engine optimization, web maintenance, and site security are necessary for any small businesses that want to:

  • Create Visibility
  • Maintain Web Site Health
  • Establish Security



Building Small Business Visibility Through SEO

Search engine optimization is necessary for small businesses looking to dominate their local markets. More and more consumers are utilizing search engines before making purchase decisions. Local SEO strategies are perfect practices to ensure a business appears on a given search engine results page.

As a website begins to rank and establish itself as a professional resource, a website’s domain authority increases. These high authority domains are ranked on a 1-100 scale, with 100 being the highest. These rankings reflect a business’s reputation in Google’s perspective and a high ranking will positively impact a site’s SEO. These domain authorities are useful for determining credible backlinks to a website.


How to Enhance Online Visibility Through SEO

For any SEO campaign, a business will need time: time to research their keywords, competitors, and layout a strategy. Once the research has been collected, the next steps are to implement the strategy onto the site. Every web page should be optimized in accordance with Google’s SEO Guidelines to achieve all the requirements for increased keyword rankings and user-friendliness.

The basic elements of research should then be deployed in continued content creation whether in the form of a blog, a resources page, or press releases. This engages users to indulge in the content while signaling to Google that your site is consistently staying fresh.


Maintenance! Maintenance! Maintenance!

Maintaining the health of your website is integral. In fact, web maintenance is one of the key ranking signals on Google. Sites that are not up-kept will in fact be negatively noticed by search engines and will result in loss of keyword rankings. Always check your website for the following:


  • Broken Links: Check the website for internal and outgoing links on any given page. Most times this is an easy fix if the user knows where to look. Broken links can indicate laziness and a sign that a site is not well maintained.
  • Duplicate Content: Google punishes websites for plagiarism and unoriginal content. Web pages of a site containing duplicate content have no usefulness for users and therefore receive negative recognition from Google.
  • Page Title Lengths: Similar to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, some page titles are too short, while others are too long. Getting the length of the page title just right while conveying a relatable description requires skill, but your efforts will reap a positive boost from Google.

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Site Security

Any website overlooking the importance of web maintenance and site security is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. SEO agencies are perfect alternatives to assist web maintenance and adjusting a business’s website to the latest Google updates through SEO plans and strategies. However, the threats from lack of site security can be doomsday for any business.

Imagine an E-commerce site that is the target of a cyber attack. The risk of having personal and payment information was stolen can be a nightmare for a business’s reputation.

Creative Click Media understands the risks of managing a business online; in fact, it’s our specialty. From web maintenance packages, SEO plans, and site security we’re the all-in-one digital marketing company to launch, maintain, and secure your online presence.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your website safe, secure, and up-to-date.

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