WordPress Security: Defending Your Website

As one of the most popular web platforms, WordPress is the foundation of over 25% of all websites. Unfortunately, this makes it a prominent target for hackers. In order for WordPress’s 66 million websites to remain safe, it is essential that they are maintained properly. A company’s website reflects how they do business, and if you want to have an impactful presence on the web, it is imperative to maintain WordPress security.

WordPress Security Measures

WordPress security starts with preparation. In order to maintain a secure site, go through a checklist of important security measures. The first thing you should do is backup your website.  Website backup ensures that you will be able to restore your site after a worst case scenario.

The next step is choosing a strong user name and password. The most common website username is “admin.” Hackers know this, and use this information as a starting point to get the upper hand against security systems.  A secure password requires at a mix of numbers, symbols, capital letters, and lower-case letters. Also, it is important to regularly change your password in order to stay one step ahead of hackers.

Security for WordPress

Another common vulnerability occurs when businesses use the default database prefixes. When you install WordPress, set a customized database prefix. Much like the username “admin,” hackers will start with the default database name and prefix as they attempt to hack your website.

WordPress security is an ever-evolving process. Plugins, themes, and core files are regularly updated to reduce the risk of malicious activity. It is up to you to actually download these updates. Try installing an update manager to keep tabs on everything you need to do to stay secure. You should also delete unused plugins and make sure to only download them from well-known sources.


Small Business Security

WordPress security is not only necessary for large corporations. There are reasons to be concerned about cyber attacks if you own a small business, as well. For example, small businesses don’t have the same capital or resources as larger companies, thus making them easier targets for hacking.  43% of cyber attacks in 2015 were directed at small businesses, and this number continues to rise. Small businesses often think that they do not need protection, making them easy targets. Vulnerable small businesses need to realize that they are not invisible to hackers, and they need to protect themselves.


WordPress Security and Maintenance Services

Securing your WordPress website can be difficult to do on your own. Luckily, there are plenty of security services to take care of this for you. Sitelock is a company that is greatly improving WordPress security. Preventative security services will automatically combat threats, prevent attacks in the future, and can even accelerate website speed. These services can even keep track of updates so you don’t have to.

WordPress security solutions  watch out for bots or automated programs that run through the internet. Bots will scan your website for vulnerabilities, attempt to steal your content, and spam comment sections. SiteLock diligently protects your website to ensure that your WordPress security is up to snuff. Even if your website’s security has already been compromised, Sitelock can help with 911 services for emergency recovery situations. Enlisting a WordPress security professional will help your website run smoothly so you can focus on your business.

WordPress and Security

Building a Secure Website

30,000 websites are hacked every day, but yours doesn’t have to be one of them. The best way to run a secure website is to have it built with security in mind. Creative Click Media can build you a website from the ground up, all the while keeping you safe and secure through solutions like SiteLock. Our tech and maintenance specialists will keep your website updated, monitored, and maintained. Our security and maintenance services will keep your website secure and your online presence  strong. Contact the team to build a visually appealing and structurally sound website designed with cyber security in mind.

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