10 Tried and True Tips for Entrepreneur Success

Olivia Garrison

One of the luxuries of being an entrepreneur is being the first to blaze uncharted territory – you set your own schedule, you make the vision for your business, and you get to create your own rules.  Something that will almost inevitably plague all first-time entrepreneurs, however, is not knowing where to start.  Of course you want your business to grow into a bona fide hero in your field, but determining the steps to reach your goal can prove to be quite the daunting task even for the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.  As a business founded on entrepreneurial spirit ourselves, we’ve compiled our list of 10 tried and true tips to take your business from startup to success story.

1. Stick to Your Vision

Know the mission of your business and stand by it.  Having a sense of sureness about who you are and what you do will attract the right customers and employees who understand what you set out to achieve.

2. Begin Doing

A wise entrepreneur by the name of Walt Disney once said “the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Having great ideas is one thing, but having the drive to make these ideas a reality is what will drive your business forward.


3. Embrace a Challenge

Sometimes the toughest tasks yield the biggest victories.  Taking on a complex project or working under a tight time constraint might be the push you and your team needs to start producing your best work yet.

4. Manage Your Energy

Both your mind and your body need time to decompress after being put into overdrive during the workweek.  Make it a priority to find time to nap, take vacations, and start new hobbies so you don’t fry yourself out.

5. Set Goals

Set benchmarks you hope to reach in the next month, year, five years, and so on.  It will help to keep you on track and will give you and your team something to celebrate once that goal is reached.

6. Build the Right Team

Instead of hiring for skill alone, look for employees who fit in with your company culture.  Skill can be taught, but their personality needs to be in line with the general atmosphere of the organization in order to build a team who will fully realize the mission of your business.

7. Know Your Audience

Your outreach will not be nearly as successful if you are not marketing to the type of clients you would like to work with.  Determine your target demographic, see where they are active online and in the community, and start making the right connections.


8. Take the Bad Days in Stride

We all know the phrase “every cloud has a silver lining,” and this applies to business, as well.  Bad days will happen, but a successful entrepreneur will treat is as a learning experience to apply to future business endeavors.

9. Ask For Reviews

As we’ve previously covered, asking happy customers to leave reviews is a great way to build up a positive reputation online.  Seeing a collection of enthusiastic testimonials from real people could be what seals the deal for you and not your competition.

10. Go Above and Beyond

Sometimes all it takes is a little extra effort to make a skeptic into a long-term customer.  Offering a special promotion, providing them with regular updates, or taking the time out of your day to visit them at their office will show your clients that you are a business who is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate their needs.

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