How to Advertise a New Product with Digital Video Marketing

Nowadays, video has become one of the best ways to interact with your customers as well as promote products. How-to videos and DIYs have become very popular forms of marketing your business, and can play a big role in the sale of your product. If you are new to digital video marketing, here are some things you should know that can help you get started.

video marketingEstablish Trust In Your Business

In order for consumers to purchase your products, there must be some level of trust in your business. This is especially true when selling products online, as people are more hesitant due to scams or products not matching their description. Using a video to help market your product helps consumers to feel more confident that the product is actually what it says it is while seeing all of the features in action. This is not only useful marketing for a new company but also for a new product as well, since people may be unsure about what it does and whether it would benefit them. MarTech Vibe shares that getting influencers involved can also help promote your product by tapping into their highly engaged audiences.

Make Sure It Shows Off Everything

3D rendering is an easy way for you to properly display how a product works in a real-world setting that perhaps the customer can’t see. Anything that works internally, or has complex cross-sections you want to show off are good examples of things you will want to render, according to Studio2A. More and more apartment websites are using this technology to provide virtual tours for potential tenants in order to help them get a true sense of what being in the space is actually like. Not providing enough information to the consumer is a common marketing problem that can result in the loss of potential buyers.

If you have the consumer on your site, then you already have their attention and must make the most of it. Digital video marketing allows you to show as much of a product as possible: from every angle, to its features, and how the product works all in a matter of seconds.

video marketingDecrease The Need For Customer Support

LiveChat Inc says using video to relay product information allows your business to answer many common potential buyer questions, from “What are the features?” to “How does it work?”. This is way more effective than just simple FAQs as it doesn’t require customers to scroll through your site. And now with interactive video, consumers can make purchases right from within the video.

Video has proven to be a very lucrative marketing strategy that is becoming the new way of communicating with consumers. Through the use of social media influencers and now interactive videos, you can turn a potential customer into a loyal customer in only a matter of seconds. If you feel lost in the world of marketing, SEO, and general online presence we can help you take your business to the next level.

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