Email Marketing is Alive and Well – Why It Continues to be Relevant

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In recent years there has been much debate as to whether or not email marketing is still effective in the face of the social media boom. While it may have initially seemed as if social media would lead to its demise, email marketing has survived. In some ways, social media marketing may even be responsible for breathing new life into email marketing.


Connect with Clients

Before social media entered the marketing scene, clients were often inundated with marketing emails. They became the cyber equivalent of the junk mail delivered by the postal service and were sent to the trash bin without even being opened.

In the wake of social media, the influx of marketing emails sent to inboxes has subsided. The result is an increased chance that these will be opened and not lost in a sea of marketing emails clients couldn’t have possibly had enough time to read.

Sending an email is a great way to connect with clients. Composed with personalized greetings and best wishes for birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant events or holidays will give them a more personal feel. Your emails are more likely to continue being opened if the recipient does not feel that they are constantly getting a generic sales pitch. Include a little humor along with special promotions and always include a call to action. This will also increase the possibility of the client remaining in contact with your business.

Keeping your email marketing personal might seem difficult as your business’s mailing list grows. Automated email marketing systems are constantly advancing, which makes this relatively simple to accomplish. According to Capterra, there are currently more than 250 email marketing software systems on the market, so you should be able to find one that works for you and your business.


Create Relationships

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While it is interactive and can be personal, social media marketing is also very public and requires no connection. With email marketing, a client must provide their email information in order to receive direct communication from a business.

By sharing this information, it shows they have a particular interest and a certain level of trust in your business. You have made that all-important connection with your client. It is the foundation of a successful business/client relationship.

Make sure that your email marketing campaigns are aimed at your target audience and are something they will find to be valuable. Create email messages and newsletters with a variety of interesting information as well as audience-specific promotions, products, and services. This will show that your business truly understands its clients’ needs and what they are looking for.


Write Compelling Subject Lines

To get your emails opened, your subject line must capture the client’s attention. Whether it is information or promotional coupons, your email marketing subject lines should make your clients feel as if they are missing out on something special if they don’t open them. You need to put just as much effort into your subject lines as you do your messages or newsletters.

If you want them to continue opening your emails, be sure to deliver all the way through. A captivating subject line followed up by lackluster content can be disappointing. Nothing will cause a client to lose faith faster than feeling like they were misled.


Maintain Campaign Consistency

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It should be crystal clear that all your correspondence comes from your business. Being consistent in all aspects of your email marketing campaign is crucial. The name of your brand, and attention-grabbing logo and brand-specific colors throughout your website, and all correspondence including email messages, newsletters, coupons, social media, and snail-mail if you utilize it, breeds familiarity.

Repetition creates recognition. This recognition combined with familiarity will encourage clients to open your emails. They will look forward to your correspondence much like they would an email from a close friend. When clients feel compelled to open your emails, you have succeeded in making that connection, building a solid relationship, and are one step closer to conversion.


Make it Mobile

While email marketing remains relevant, it must be mobile-friendly in order to stay relevant. In Litmus’ Annual State of Email Report 2016, out of the top ten email clients, the top four were all mobile with the iPhone in first place with 33% of the email opens taking place on that device. Make sure your website, social media, and all email are optimized for mobile devices or you will be missing out on a huge part of your audience.


Kickstart Your Email Marketing

If you’re ready to launch or revitalize your email marketing campaign but don’t know where to start, Creative Click Media can guide you. Contact us today and get a direct line to your clients.

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