Why Facebook Messenger is a Must-Have for Your Digital Marketing Campaign

According to a study from Nielsen and Facebook IQ, 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. Based on this fact alone, it’s clear that Facebook Messenger isn’t just an avenue for trivial GIFs and small talk between it’s 1.3 billion active monthly users. It’s also an opportunity for businesses to connect with customers, address inquiries and drive sales instantly. Facebook Messenger has proven its worth as an invaluable digital marketing tool and revenue driver for small businesses, and will only increase in value as technology continues to evolve.    

Use Chatbot Technology to Optimize Communications   

Chatbots are automated interfaces that mimic real, human-like conversations. They encourage and optimize exchanges between businesses and consumers to deliver the fast, efficient communications that modern consumers expect. Chatbots are like 24/7 customer service representatives for your business. A common example of a chatbot is the little box that appears in the corner of your computer screen when you first enter a website. The box might resemble a speech bubble and feature an avatar of a customer service representative or brand mascot who prompts you with a question like “How can I help you today?”

Since more and more companies are implementing chatbots into their digital marketing strategies, Facebook Messenger has developed a variety of features that simplify chatbot technologies for businesses. Some of the chatbot features Messenger offers are:

  • Customer chat plugin: The customer chat plugin gives customers access to Messenger directly from a business’s website. This encourages customers to ask questions and enables businesses to supply quick answers.

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  • Messenger codes: A Messenger Code is a barcode printed on advertising materials (like fliers, business cards, brochures, etc.) that can be scanned by a mobile device. Once scanned, the code links the user to your business’s chatbot. A Messenger Code gives the user quick access to your company and its services.  

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  • Send to Messenger plugin: The send to messenger plugin appears as a button on your website that users can select to connect their Messenger. This feature gives customers the option to receive follow-ups, confirmations and updates from your business via Messenger.
  • Click-to-Messenger Ad: These advertisements may be placed in Instagram and Facebook feeds. Once clicked, users are automatically sent to Messenger where your business’s chatbot prompts them to engage.

What do all of these chatbot technologies have in common? They encourage interactions between companies and consumers, which could lead to tangible transactions down the line.

Streamline Your Customer Service

Did you know  30% of customers will turn to a competitor if a brand doesn’t respond to an inquiry in a timely manner? With the 24/7 nature of chatbots in mind, more and more companies are implementing Facebook Messenger into their digital marketing strategies to better their customer service and increase customer retention.

To do the same, be sure that your Facebook Page settings allow users to send you messages. Once you ensure that users can send your business messages, the Pages Manager app helps you maintain your Messenger presence. You can set up automated responses that instantaneously respond to customers with basic information. This way, you won’t risk losing customers to your local competition when you don’t have a live person available to chat right away. Prompted responses could turn potential customers into happy customers, or better yet, brand advocates who are eager to tell others about your company’s exemplary customer service.

Generate High Quality Leads

Messenger’s sponsored messages allow marketers to send promotional content to an audience they’ve previously engaged with. Say a customer has reached out to your company before for a price quote. Sponsored messages allow you to re-engage with this customer through that existing conversation. These targeted messages are effective because they’re delivered to consumers who have already expressed interest in your company and might therefore be interested in your latest news or offerings.

If you choose to use a feature like sponsored messages, you could potentially build and strengthen relationships with relevant, interested consumers. Take Love Your Melon’s experience with sponsored messages, for instance. Their digital marketing campaign utilized Facebook’s sponsored messages feature to announce a new line of hats and ended up reaping a 14x return on their investment.


Provide Advertisement Opportunities

Consumers spend up to five hours a day on their mobile devices. Considering Facebook Messenger’s popularity, one of the most effective ways to gain visibility with these highly engaged mobile users is to run an advertisement on the app’s homepage. When users click your ad on the Facebook Messenger homepage, they can be sent to your website, your Facebook page, an automatic chat conversation with your company, or any other place that would lead them to take a desired action.

Simplify the Purchasing Process

Imagine being able to facilitate seamless purchases with customers straight from a conversation in Messenger? Facebook is developing a Payments feature for their Messenger mobile app that will simplify purchasing for businesses. Business owners can customize payment methods through a “Buy Button,” or tokenized payment system so that customers can buy goods and services mid-message. Since, 79% of consumers shop online, implementing payment methods into mobile applications where users are most likely to browse will make the shopping process more convenient.

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Kick Off Your Facebook Messenger Strategy

Facebook’s Messenger platform rolls out improvements on a regular basis. It’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest so that you can modify your digital marketing strategy accordingly. Creative Click Media’s award winning social media marketing team can keep you informed on the most current tech developments and freshen up your digital presence so that you’re never behind the curve. Contact us today to get started!

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