Five Reasons Your Business Should Try Facebook Advertising


A few years ago, Facebook was the end all be all to social media marketing. Now businesses have included other platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram to their strategies. With Facebook’s organic reach dropping dramatically over the past few years, business owners have been having trouble seeing the value of the platform causing businesses to connect with their audiences elsewhere.

It’s never easy transitioning from a free tool to a paid one but make no mistake about it, Facebook is doing their best to continue to give businesses the value they want and deserve from the network. Over the last few months, the platform has launched several new features in an effort to make business pages stronger. For example, the new call-to-action button was developed specifically to help business pages drive and measure objectives.

If you take the time to really dive into Facebook and learn about all the powerful tools they provide businesses, you would have no problem seeing their value. Because they are becoming a paid platform, we thought it would be helpful to outline and discuss some of their best paid features. There is no denying the influence and capacity of Facebook advertising. They have the largest social audience out of all the platforms and they allow you to reach exactly who you’re targeting.

At Creative Click, we have in depth knowledge of Facebook marketing and advertising. Using these tools on a regular basis and staying up-to-date on new features helps us better serve our clients. Here are five reasons why we find Facebook advertising irresistible.


The Numbers Don’t Lie

Facebook advertising is a whole different ball game. First, let’s review the numbers:

  • Facebook has over 1.3 billion active users around the world
  • Of those, over 800 million log in daily
  • Around 700 million users visit Facebook daily from their mobile device
  • 70% of consumers report following brands on Facebook for special offers
  • 47% of American report using Facebook as their number one influencer before making a purchase

These are powerful numbers and you can’t argue with numbers. Despite other social networks coming into play, Facebook’s influence far surpasses any other type of marketing.

Impressive Hyper Targeting

We are far beyond the days of putting an ad in your local newspaper. With this, you could reach some of your local audience. But how many of them read the newspaper every day and how many are likely to skim through the advertisements? Probably not many. Facebook advertising allows you to pick the exact audience you want to reach. We’re not talking about your typical demographics:

Location: You can select locations down to the exact town you want to reach. You also have the option to target full states and certain cities within one ad. For example, we could create an ad to target all of New Jersey, three towns in New York and five towns in Pennsylvania. Additionally, you can select the radius around the area you select. If your business is located in Brick, New Jersey but you service anywhere within a 10 mile radius, with Facebook advertising, you have the option to target that exact area.

Interests: If you own a gym or health studio, you can target people who have shown interest on Facebook about health, nutrition, working out and fitness. If you own a restaurant, you can target people who have interests in the Food Network, certain chefs, and certain types of food. Facebook’s database of information is literally endless. To allow you the option to target people specifically based on what they like is something you can’t do anywhere else. To target someone who has already shown interest in what you are offering, only makes your advertisement more likely to be successful.


Behavior: You can target your ad to specific behaviors performed by users. Facebook defines this as “reach people based on purchase behaviors or intent, device usage and more.” This means that you can target people who have made purchases from your competitors. You can target people who have bought products that are similar to yours or that relate to yours. For example, if someone bought a bunch of fishing stuff and you own a business that takes deep sea fishing trips – there is a good chance that person is interested in going on one of your trips.

More demographics:  There are demographics that Facebook provides that you would have never even thought to use. You want to target only people who are parents? You can with Facebook. You want to target only people who have graduate college within the past year? You can with Facebook. On Facebook, you can target people with certain relationship statuses, educational backgrounds, financial backgrounds, the generation they belong to, political views and life events such as marriages and graduations. The possibilities are endless.

Dynamic Mobile Reach

Recently, Facebook launched Local Awareness Ads. These ads were created for two main reasons: aid in mobile targeting and support small businesses. While the ads are seen on both desktop and mobile, their main focus is mobile users. Local Awareness Ads allow businesses to advertise to people who are close to their business. For example, all those businesses within a two mile radius of your restaurant who are looking for somewhere to go during lunch – yup, Facebook just gave you a quick, easy and affordable way to reach them.

These ads are made specifically to target people that are a certain distance from your business in an effort to get them to stop by. This is a powerful new way of advertising in which your audience is already out and about. You’re not trying to catch them while they’re sitting at home relaxing. They’re out in your town making them more likely to do business with you.

Pricing for All Budgets

We’re not just saying that – Facebook actually has a price range for your budget. In fact, you get to decide exactly how much you want to spend. You can run a Facebook ad for as little as $1 a day. However, you will only reach a fraction of your audience per day. The point is, it’s all up to you and what works for your business.

Diverse Objectives

Facebook understands that every business is different and because of that, we all have different objectives. Whether you want to increase your Facebook audience or drive traffic to your site is up to you and you can create your campaign around that objective. Here is the list of current ad objectives for Facebook advertising:


As you can see, Facebook advertising allows for a lot of creativity and personalization which is something you can’t get with any other form of advertising. It is only made better by the fact that Facebook’s audience is as large as you can get. Because there are so many options in Facebook advertising, it can become very time consuming. Just setting up the perfect audience can take a few hours. That is why we’re here to help. We’re happy to help you with your Facebook advertising and other social media marketing, just give us a call.

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