Google Penguin Vs. The Evil Legion of Spam

Some are calling it “the most anticipated algorithm update in Google’s history.” Others are calling it the latest victory in the war against internet spam. But at Google, they’re just calling it Penguin 3.0.

What is Penguin 3.0?

It’s the newest version of the long-running Penguin anti-spam filter which Google has been using to filter its search results since April 2012. This newest version of Penguin represents the program’s sixth reiteration, and this update is cracking down on spammers and sites that violate Google terms of linking in a big way.

How Will Penguin Effect Me?

As long as your website isn’t involved in any shady or uncouth marketing tactics, you should see no ill effect from this newest update. But as we all know, the wold of ‘should’ and the world of ‘is’ are very different places. For example, a site that posts spammy links is well aware that they are in violation of Google’s terms, and as such should not be surprised when this newest algorithm change penalizes them for these practices. On the other hand, a website owner who hires a marketing company that then, without the owner’s knowledge, promotes the site via unscrupulous means, may be quite shocked to see their site dropped from the first page of Google to the tenth.


How Will I Know If Penguin Affected My Site?

The easiest way to check whether the Google Penguin update has affected your search result ranking, and to what extent, is to search for your website on Google. Enter your site’s SEO keywords into Google and see if your site has seen a rise or a drop in its ranking. Another great way to see how your site is ranking under the new filtering algorithm is to have an SEO audit run on your site. This will tell you exactly what ranking your site is receiving based on certain SEO keywords.

How Do I Run An SEO Audit?

You click on this link. Creative Click Media offers a free, single-page SEO audit that can provide a brief insight into the ‘ranking preference’ Google is giving your page. While this ‘snap-shot’ can give you a general impression of what effect if any, the newest Penguin update is having on your search ranking, it does not provide a full picture. For that, consider having a full website SEO audit run on your site. While this process is, sadly, not free, it does provide priceless metrics on the overall well-being of your site and can help you readjust and rectify those functions of your site that are negatively affecting your ranking.


Don’t Fear The Penguin

While this newest Google Penguin update is sure to make waves and cause a shuffling of the deck as far as search results are concerned, those websites that hold to a principal of above-the-board, white hat SEO tactics should not see their sites negatively affected by this change. For a brief look into how Penguin has affected you and your site, click here for a FREE single-page SEO audit.

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  • Adrienne

    Hey Adam,

    Another update and I hope by this time they’ve finally figured out how to get rid of all the sites that are causing us pain. LOL!!! Okay, a girl can dream right!

    But seriously, I wish there was a way to get rid of them although we very well know Google has nothing to do with that. People can always get around the search engines of course but I think for those types of underhanded sites they are depending on the search engines for their traffic.

    I’m wondering where they’ll go from here. Oh wait, they’ll just find yet another way around it all because that’s what they do. At least this time Google is trying to stay on top of it all and I really do hope they succeed.

    Thanks for the update and hope you’re enjoying your week.


    • Adam Binder

      Hi Adrienne,

      I do not always agree with what Google does but in this case I think they are spot on. This change along with some of their other recent tweaks have only helped myself and my clients to rank higher because we play by the rules.

      I also wonder what tactic black hat SEO’s and spammers will use next in their quest to cheat the system. I also think it’s funny how hard some of them try when they could spend half the effort doing it the right way 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and you also have a great week.



        Awesome post! I have spent more time than I remember reading SEO bblogs in search of SEO information that can that can help
        my blog go upp the rankings. It appears as if just aas soon we alll get a pereption of what we ought too do the targets are shifted!

        So not one oof thee most exciting comment ever, but I i would like to say how much appreciation I hhave ffor you taking
        the time to take into account and discuss SEO topics.

        Without people constantly considering what the hell yahoko and google are doing!

        Keep up the good work!

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