Have You Started a Holiday Email Campaign Yet?


If reading the title of this post gave you agita, I apologize, but I am also certain you are not alone. However, it may be a warning sign that your end of the year marketing plan is running behind. I know you’re thinking this holiday season hasn’t even begun, but hear me out. In 2014 42% of retailers began their holiday marketing in September and it paid off. Between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday 23% of sales were driven by those holiday emails. Don’t fret this blog post is not to send you shaking in your elf shoes, but instead guide you in creating a holiday email template that will help push your campaign before the busiest… I mean, happiest time of the year is upon us.

Email Templates Tied Up With Strings…

holiday email marketing


Having a template to look back on each holiday season is one of my favorite things! It takes the monotony out of preparing each season. Of course you don’t want to send the same email each year and you may have a variety of emails to send throughout the season, but having general guidelines when creating these emails will cut your planning time in half! I have found these simple principles are a recipe for success:

  • Mobile Friendly Email
  • Mobile Friendly Fonts
  • Include a Promotion or New Product
  • Brief Content (to the point!)
  • Conclude with a Call To Action
  • Engaging (and jolly) subject line
  • Include Social Media Links
  • Enable Forwarding and Sharing
  • Eye-catching Graphics
  • Your Logo
  • Proofread!

Mobile Friendly

In my own analytical experience I see the significant number of mobile users, whether it be website traffic, social media, or reading of any kind… email included. These are mobile times and if your campaigns are not being sent in a mobile format and using mobile friendly fonts (Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, or Georgia)  you’re efforts aren’t going to pay off. Many users are deleting or unsubscribing from emails solely because they are designed for desktop. As far as email marketing goes, you’ve got one shot to grab your recipients attention and if it’s not easy to engage they won’t pay it any mind. With the various mobile devices at your subscribers reach you want to make sure to use a format suitable for most if not all popular devices, do your research!

Content for a Content Consumer

An engaging subject line is an important first step in creating the content of your campaign. If the subject line does not get the attention of the recipient they may not bother to even read the body of your email. You may want to include puns, keywords (“sale”, “limited time”, “free”), and holiday terminology to name a few suggestions. The body of your email should include your purpose; this could be in the form of a graphic or promotion/coupon, introductory product, direct link, or simply informative text. Brief is best, quick and to the point sells itself. Adding a deadline will create the sense of urgency, it also serves as a reason to send a reminder email. Don’t over do the emails, pace yourself and plan out a schedule that will eliminate your campaigns being lost in the bombardment of holiday emails in their inbox. It is best to conclude with a call to action and provide social media and website links. For consistency sake, always include your logo, it should be everywhere! Finally, proofread!

And To All A Good Night!



Offering your subscribers simple, stress free ways to survive the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful for you. Utilize your resources and do your research. Plan out your campaigns in advance and through trial and error, statistics, feedback, and good ol’ fashion results you will find what works for you and your consumers. Just remember,

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

– Winston Churchill

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