Internet Marketing 101: Take Ownership of your Own-Name Domain

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The internet is densely clogged with domains, but which domains matter? Not all are functioning websites and other domains direct to a different URL. Why should you care about domains?

Domains are tiny investments of what can be and a vision of a future. If the thought of offering a service to the public, self-business, or portfolio site has ever crossed your mind; consider buying a domain that contains your name. You may not have use of it now but like any investment, it will yield rewards down the line in internet marketing.


You can control your physical appearance in terms of how you dress, your hairstyle, hobbies, and personality. Controlling your appearance on the internet is more challenging, and different from your social media shares of funny videos. Truth be told, consumers are driving to the internet for their purchasing decisions. When consumers are taken to the domain containing your name, they are buying the product that is you.

In this digital world, domain sites containing your name are a wonderful way to control the brand that is you. Include a portfolio of whatever services you offer to the society such as photography, writing samples, graphical design, political stances, or achievements. It’s an interactive resume for all to see, control it by taking ownership of your domains.

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It Can Be Used Against You

If you don’t own your own domain, someone else may or will. This creates the possibility of the site being used against you. The owner can publish harmful and misleading content that can deceive users who believe that it is your official site. It makes sense if is a website, it belongs to you. Allowing a domain containing your name to exist without your ownership or control is like playing with fire, and can potentially hurt your internet marketing campaigns. We recommend buying domain versions of your name especially when you want to individualize yourself to the public (Doctors, Politicians, Artists, etc).

Gaining Control of Your Search Results

The overall search algorithm of Google is still a mystery to search engine optimization (SEO) experts, but the domain name is still a factor in the search results. What does this mean for you? More than likely, when a user searches your name directly, a domain that includes the searched name will appear on the list.

This will trick the user’s into believing that this domain is your property and will interrupt every word to be your message. To prevent confusion, seek out to buy domains that contain your name to gain control of what appears on the search result pages. Don’t allow anyone else to have control of your online reputation.


What is holding you from purchasing your domains? Domains are fairly inexpensive. The owner must pay a low fee every year to maintain. You don’t have to buy every version, just the most relatable and most common versions. A professional web designer can direct all domains purchased to go to your main domain site.

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Is my Domain Available?

Checking for the availability of domains is easy. You can go to any domain registering site and search. You can buy the rights to the domain directly from the site; if they are available. Sometimes the domain may be owned by someone else, who may be interested in selling the domain. Be cautious because most sellers look to sell the domain simply for profit. Consult an internet marketer to determine if the domain is worth the purchase.

If you are considering making a push with an individual website using your name as the domain, buy a couple of domains to prevent others from buying. Once your online visibility is established you can opt-out of the yearly fees of the unused domains by letting them expire.

The internet marketing experts and web designers at Creative Click Media are here to offer domain research. Our consultation will determine which domains will be the most productive for your goals. Our designs treat your new domain as a white canvas and design a visually stunning, functional, and creative website to elevate the most important brand, yourself.

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