How Live Chat Helps Customer Engagement for Small Businesses

If you’ve ever interacted with a business online, there’s a good chance you’ve used a live chat tool. And if your own business has a website (which it should), then you’ve probably had someone recommend adding a live chat option there. Maybe you’ve even started to consider it yourself. Simply put, live chat is becoming a mainstay in modern digital marketing and if you aren’t on board yet you’ll soon be at risk of falling behind the competition. Here are three reasons why it’s time to stop procrastinating and install a live chat feature on your website today: 

live chat for business1) It’s An Effective Business Tool

A personal touch makes a big difference in terms of customer satisfaction. When you’re running a small business, you want to make sure you’re able to show customers that you care about their needs, questions and concerns. Although live chats might not match up with the traditional idea of a customer service representative, they can actually be a great tool to implement and help to enhance your customer communication. When customers have questions, live web chat is a great solution. It’s far easier than forcing your customers to scour through your website for answers themselves, or adding to their frustration by making them pick up a phone and call your office for answers. Live chat is an effective way to deliver customer support in a quick, efficient and convenient manner. There’s also the chance that they’ll reach out to your company over your competitors in the future when they have similar issues due to their positive past experience. 

2) Customers Prefer Live Chats

Research has suggested that customers like live chats better than more traditional forms of customer-business communications like phone calls or emails. Having the live chat feature available on your website gives your visitors the opportunity to receive nearly instantaneous responses if they do not have the time to dedicate to making a phone call or waiting for an emailed response. Live chat alone doesn’t mean that a company has good customer service. It’s important to remember that automated responses are not equipped to handle complicated requests, so you’ll need to make sure your customer service representatives are well-trained on how to use this live chat function as well.

live web chat3) You’ll Have Time to Get More Done

Tech support calls or other customer service matters must be handled one at a time in order to resolve the problem effectively. However, with live web chats, your team members can handle multiple requests at once. Assuming they’re prompt with responses, your automated live chats can deal with a nearly limitless number of customers simultaneously without having to sacrifice time with one to handle the needs of another. Live chat is especially beneficial if your company handles many customer service requests in a day because it affords you the ability to get more done with fewer employees. 

Live chats are an example of technology being used in a way that doesn’t take away from a personal connection. When used correctly with well-trained employees, it can make your customers feel much more confident about using your business. They’ll see you as not just wanting their business, but also wanting to give them a wholly satisfying experience.

Is it time for your business to begin experimenting with live chat? Check out how our business quadrupled our leads in six months since integrating live chat technology on our website, and chat with us to learn more about how live chat could help your business transform your customer service and acquisition.

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