Marketing Explained by a 5 Year Old: New Year’s Resolutions

Know what’s crazy?  It’s 2017!

new years resolutions

Those aren’t real glasses, that’s a Facebook filter!

This past year has been really good for me.  I got almost ten thousand new LEGOs, I practically became a grown-up when I turned 5, and I met a whole bunch of new work friends!  I know that a lot of people celebrate a new year by staying up really late and waiting for midnight, but this year my daddy also taught me that a lot of people celebrate by making something called a New Year’s resolution.

A New Year’s resolution is when you promise yourself you’re going to do something good in the new year.  Wanna know how to pick your resolution?  It’s easy, you just have to think about what will make you even better than you were last year.  It’s like when my apps on my iPad update — they’re still the same app, just better!  

A lot of grown-ups make their resolution to eat more vegetables or do more exercises, but I think my resolution is to build more LEGOs or finally become a Jedi master.

Something else my daddy taught me is that sometimes even business owners make New Year’s resolutions!  A business owner might not promise to become a Jedi master for their New Year’s resolution (even though they should) but they should make resolutions that will make their workers and their customers happy.

If you’re a business owner and you want to pick your New Year’s resolution you have to think about what’s going to make you and your business even more awesome than last year!  For example, if I owned LEGO and I had to make a New Year’s resolution, it would be to make all LEGO Minifigures free to 5-year-olds named Miles.  Good idea right?


No matter what kind of business you work at, here are some resolutions that are good for work and 5-year old approved:


  • new year's resolutionsBe Nicer: You should always be nice to your work friends and your customers!  That way your work friends will like being at the office with you and your customers will be happy to shop at your business.
  • Try New Things: My daddy is always trying new apps and tools at the office to make our work even better, so more business owners should test out new stuff too to see what works for them. Even I learned to try new things (like a tomato which was super yummy), so I’m going to keep doing that next year too!
  • Master Something: Okay, so maybe not a Jedi Master, but all business people should try to be a master at something!  That means that you’re the best of the best at what you do, just like how I’m the master distractor at Creative Click Media.  If you’re the master at your job then it will always be done really well and fast AND it’ll look super awesome!
  • Have More Fun: It’s really important to have fun, even at work!  I know that you have to do work when you’re at the office, but you can show your fans and customers online all the cool stuff you do at work too.  That way they’ll want to see more of what you do, and you’ll have an even better time when you’re at the office with your work friends!

I hope everybody has a really super awesome 2017!  Make sure you post your New Year’s resolutions in the comments — I might not be able to read them, but I’m sure my daddy and work friends will read them to me!

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