Small Business Alert: What Facebook Can Do For Local Listings

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Only a few years ago, Facebook decided to take local search and apply it to its entire database containing trillions of posts. With location data readily available, Facebook is now a one-stop sales funnel directly to local businesses. The businesses that created and regularly updated their Facebook pages were able to experience a substantial boost above the competition. Today, a Facebook presence is an accepted necessity that presents a prime opportunity to generate interest in your local market.

facebook local listingsIt’s Popular With All Audiences

Facebook has emerged as one of the leading social media platforms amongst web users, with over 2 billion active users today. The platform’s demographics are remarkable; this social media juggernaut is used by people of all ages around the entire planet. Users can access the platform whenever and wherever. Based on these results, it would be most advantageous for small business owners to begin building their social media presence on the ever-expansive Facebook platform in order to reach such a wide audience at one time.

Facebook Knows Your Customers

It’s time to take advantage of the information that Facebook collects about their users. Facebook knows each and every user’s likes and dislikes, location, viewed content, post updates, check-ins, friends, and time spent on the app. This information can be used by the platform to give each person the most accurate results page. This is research that you don’t have to perform because Facebook does the targeting for you. Your job will be to create content based on what motivates the consumer to click on your page. By taking the heavy lifting out of consumer research and analytics, Facebook frees up time for small business owners to do what they do best – promote their company.

facebook small businessGenerate Online Word of Mouth

More and more people are looking to social media before making a purchase decision. In fact, 93% of buying decisions are influenced by social media. A single post has the potential to reach hundreds, thousands, and sometimes even millions of people. Users can share your post, which opens a chain reaction of new consumers who aren’t familiar with your business. Moreover, these new consumers are now exposed to your business thanks to someone sharing your content. 

The number of eyes that will see your post is all dependent on its value. If a social media user feels that your post contains useful information, they are more likely to share it with friends who will also see the value of your posting and the chain will continue.

If your business has received high reviews and is receiving them on a frequent basis, potential customers will take notice. Occasionally your business will receive a bad review – treat those poor comments as an opportunity to make corrections. Not everyone will be pleased all of the time, but you do not want poor reviews to scare away potential consumers. It is likely that potential customers will look to see how you handle the bad review, so the goal is to remain professional and address the changes that should be made in the future. And make sure those changes are made as soon as possible – unaddressed issues can quickly mar your reputation. 

It Has Small Business Potential

When a user conducts a search on Facebook, one of the options is “Places”. This feature benefits small businesses by creating a web presence that is easily accessible to Facebook users searching for that specific market. For example, if you were to search for pizzerias, Facebook would compile their own directory of pizzerias within your set Facebook location. It displays photos of the business, contact information, reviews, and hours of operation in one concise page. If a Facebook friend had previously checked in, it would display that they have been there. Potential customers may be more likely to eat at this pizzeria if a trusted Facebook friend eats there also.

Using the “nearby places” option is where small business could benefit the most. This is for mobile users, and it would present consumers with businesses near them. Users will know the distance they are from restaurants, coffee shops, shopping locations, hotels, and nightclubs.

facebook for businessesIn Need of Expert Facebook Management?

Take the time to update or create your business’s Facebook page. The updates by Facebook have great potential with small businesses looking to connect with consumers. Search for your businesses page in the “Places” tab, and how does it appear to you? If you were a consumer browsing, is it appealing enough for you to click on?

Not sure where to start? At Creative Click Media, we know social media marketing. While we are well-versed in Facebook, we also have expertise over many other popular social media platforms. Give us a call if it’s time to take social media off of your to-do list.

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