Marketing Explained by a 5 Year Old: Social Media


That’s right! This 5-year-old is officially a kindergartener. The whole time at my graduation my daddy kept taking pictures of me…walking, posing, wearing my graduation gown…everything I did he wanted to take a picture! At first, I just thought it was something parents do to their kids, but boy was I wrong. It’s all grown-ups.

Now that it’s almost summer vacation I get to spend more time at the office, and something I hear my work friends talking about all the time is taking pictures for a “social media moment.”

They get lunch? Social media moment!

They do yoga? Social media moment!

One of my daddy’s work friends comes to the office? Social media moment!

social media explained by a 5 year old

This cheesecake was DEFINITELY a social media moment…YUM!


It’s crazy! Finally one day I decided to ask: what the heck is social media?

My daddy told me that social media is something businesses use to show their customers and fans all the cool things they do at their offices.  He told me that there are billions of people all over the world that are on social media…even my grandma! I also learned that there are different kinds of social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Google+. Who knew there were so many?

All these different kinds of social media can get confusing, even for someone as smart as me! But if you think about it like one of my video games, there are some special moves businesses can do to get their social media to the next level. Here’s what I think businesses should be doing on social media so their customers can be excited about all the awesome stuff they do:


Post Photos and Videos

Instagram is my favorite social media site because it’s all about pictures and videos. That’s good for me because I’m only five — I’m still learning how to read! A lot of times Facebook and Twitter only use words, and that means I won’t always understand what they’re trying to say. If you post a picture, it’s easier for everyone to know exactly what you’re posting about. Pictures and videos are nicer to look at than a bunch of words, too. That means more people can be excited about everything your business is doing…even your fans who can’t read about it yet.

miles social media

My work friends posted this on Instagram so our followers could see me teaching about LEGOs!


Don’t Be Like Siri

Everyone at the office knows about my love/hate relationship with Siri. I talk to her on my iPad, and sometimes she knows exactly what I’m looking for. But most of the time she gets it so wrong! It’s like she’s not listening to me at all! I always end up saying “Siri, you’re not listening to me! Why can’t you put on your listening ears?” But then I remember she’s just a robot, not a human. Businesses should take some notes on what not to do from Siri so their followers know they’re talking to a real-life person on social media and not a robot. Make sure you answer all their messages, comments, and tweets with real-life helpful responses, not with some crazy nonsense answers like Siri always gives me. Sheesh.


Stick to Your Mission

Every time I get to a new level on one of my video games there’s a new mission I have to beat. It’s not always the same mission either. Sometimes that means getting a lot of coins and other times that means I have to beat the bad guy, but I know that’s what I have to do if I want to level up. Social media isn’t a video game, but it works the same way! Before you post anything on social media, you have to think about your mission. I learned that sometimes your mission is to get people to visit your website, or maybe it’s to get your followers to buy something they saw you post about. Whatever it is, you have to make sure that’s what you’re thinking about so your business can level up and keep getting better.


Have Fun!

As the Director of Distraction, one of my jobs here is to make sure there’s always something fun going on at the office. That means having parties, teaching about LEGOs, going out on the kayaks, prank-calling telemarketers…who wouldn’t want to show their followers all that fun stuff?! Businesses have to remember their mission on social media, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! If you show them all the cool stuff you do at your office, your followers will want to join the fun too.

[fbvideo link=”//” width=”400″ height=”300″ onlyvideo=”1″]

Now that I know so much about social media, I understand why my daddy and my work friends are always taking pictures at the office and posting them online. It’s because social media is fun and helpful when we want to show our followers everything going on at Creative Click Media. That way, they can get excited too!

I think all businesses should use it to show their customers and fans all the cool things they do at their office. There are millions and billions of people around the world and social media lets you share pictures and videos and updates to all of them at one time. Plus, posting for your followers on social media is a lot easier making them read everything on just a regular old website all the time!

Something I always hear YouTubers saying is “like and follow me on social media!” so remember like and follow Creative Click Media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram…you never know what kind of crazy stuff me and my work friends are going to be up to!

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